William Engdahl: The CIA wasted $2 billion on riffraff puppets


The CIA wasted $2 billion on riffraff puppets:

By F. William Engdahl

My new book is called “The Lost Hegemon”. A hegemon is the dominate power, the super-power. The US has been the global hegemon since 1945 and, accordingly, this book is about the USA today and their lack of clear strategy besides spreading war and destruction. The reason behind such is that they have ruined their domestic economy though the accumulation of debt and the bank scandals of 2007 and 2008. The boring old patriotic people like David Rockefeller or George Soros share the delusion that they actually own the US and can use it to beat up anybody in the world. But they are losing power.

The specific focus of my book itself is the relationship between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood for the past six decades in this context. A large part of the book deals with the role of the CIA in creating someone called “Fethullah Gulen”, a 75-year-old Turk who lives in exile in a beautiful mountain fortress in Pennsylvania. He supervises a world-wide organization of schools and training centers that were worth more than 50 billion dollars in 2007. These schools act like the Church of Scientology in America. They have very influential business networks yielding money for the central organization while everything is hidden from view, as there is no central office or headquarters to find. Everything is just mysterious.

What Gulen has done in Turkey which this book documents is something that has been worked on for almost three decades: the infiltration the Turkish military, the guardian of the state and the Constitution since the time of Ataturk. Gulen’s networks have also infiltrated the judiciary branch, where judges came to be heavily influenced by Gulenists. In addition, Gulen infiltrated the national police. When Gulen and co. were politically allied to Recep Erdogan’s party, they demanded in return for their support nomination for education minister so that they could control education. After all, if you control education, then you can control the next generation of leadership.

Independent journalists have quite well documented the role of the Gulenists in the coup d’etat in Turkey. That the Turkish military was infiltrated by Gulen to such an extent was even shocking to most Turks. Many soldiers themselves felt miserable in executing the coup since enough of the Turkish military was patriotic and nationalist and did not support the coup. There are also reports that General Campbell, the former head of the US military operation in Afghanistan, and the leading Turkish officers who served in Afghanistan with Campbell, had distributed two billion dollars through Algerian UCB Bank to buy off generals who they thought could launch the coup and would be willing to kill their fellow Turks in the name of money.

The coup backfired enormously because most Gulenists are not confident military strategists. The effort also collapsed because the CIA’s men tried to run it all. Former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council of the CIA, Graham E. Fuller, was on Princess Island 20 minutes from Istanbul the entire night of the coup, monitoring developments until the coup collapsed.

Fuller himself was the mentor of Fethullah Gulen’s worldwide operation. He even said in one of his books: “Now that the Cold War is over, let us use Islam against Russia and China because it worked so well in Afghanistan.” This man was the puppet master who gave the green light for Gulen all these years even after the objection of the US State Department in 2007 who said that he was financed by the CIA. All of this is documented.

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1 thought on “William Engdahl: The CIA wasted $2 billion on riffraff puppets”

  1. The CIA have manipulated world political and social events on behalf of the Rothchild led cabal of 300 ‘elite’ since WWll.
    They do the dirty work, as summarised by ‘Economic Hit,an’ confessions.
    So this revelation should really not come as a surprise, but the deviousness of the onion layers of false badges is amazing.



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