Russia Turns Over All Hillary Emails! Jail Time!



Russia Turns Over All Hillary Emails! Jail Time!:

Russia Hands Over Missing Hillary Emails!  Hillary and Comey Now Facing Charges!  Tom and Stew go over the latest Intel from US and French Intelligence!  They are the BAD BOYS of alternative media!  SHARE!

Note: Great news from Tom Heneghan and the US Military Flag Officers!  Russia has turned over all of Hillary’s missing emails and FBI Director James Comey has been told if something doesn’t happen to Hillary now, HE will be facing charges too!  Hillary and Comey are in a box!  The FBI just had a chopper buzz Tom’s house yesterday as a warning to back off it appears.  Get this information out everywhere along with my other story here!

Proof Hillary Raped Cathy Obrien as Child Ends Her Tonight!



H/t reader squodgy:

“If this picture gets real, anarchy & civil war will prevail, or just maybe, all sensible Americans suddenly see a clear sky and a future if they forget the current electoral serfdom system and bi-pass the banksters to a free world.”

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