101-Years-Old Yogi Swami Yogananda Demonstrates His Flexibility (Video)



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Me and my father (Anand) met up with a 104 year old Swami in Rishikesh by chance. He is fit, witty and honest to the core. Here is what he says (many things he says in jest so please take it in the right spirit)-

Baba: You should be like this slim & trim, just like these foreigners. I am like this because I am a poor man. I don’t have sugar, tea, tobacco & cigarettes. (Points at his tongue) this tongue is a nomadic vagabond. Slips every time it sees a rasagulla (an Indian sweet).

Young boy in white Kurta asks: Please tell me something for body building.

Baba: Eat as many raw things as you can. There are 3 food shops. One that the God opened. 2nd is the Hotel. The 3rd shop is that of the Mother. The latter two are useless. Only the food made by God is the one to eat — All fruits, all raw vegetables, and all dry fruits. These you don’t like (chuckles at the fast food addicted youngsters). Young boy refutes.

Baba: May it be any God, anybody who is born of the sex organs is bound to die one day. Paramatma (supreme soul) isn’t born of these organs. It is neither born, not does it die. It is all pervading. If Ram, Krishna, Shankar, Vishnu were really Gods then why didn’t I find them in America, London, Germany, Holland, Poland and Switzerland? (Remarks Sarcastically) It is only in the whole of India that I find them. (Re-iterates by pointing to the sex organs) Anybody born of here can only be a saint or Bhagwan but not Paramatma, the supreme soul (gives a few examples of the saints). Paramatma is not a subject of the eyes. It is a matter of within. (Laughs at the foolishness of people who travel great lengths to find the super soul) Why have you come here to look for it, it is inside you! People waste their time looking for it all around. It is inside you and you just need to know that.

Baba: I keep going abroad. People are silly. They give me air-tickets to go there. See, the whole world is a beggar; the one who gives is only one.

Young boy pulls his leg: Swami Ji there is nothing here, let’s leave it all and go to the mountains.

Baba refuses: I have lived in the mountains (Himalayas) for over 50 years, there is nothing there. Chidananda Guruji brought me here from Mumbai. I have all my teeth intact, wear no glasses. Not many but I have 10 children and 34 grandchildren.

Anand: What did you do as a young person? Did you work?

Baba: No. I have contributed to the freedom of India. I have met Subhash Chandra Bose (revolutionary freedom fighter of India). Tell me where was Subhash Chandra Bose from. You are an educated person. Tell me.

Anand: From Bengal (this is the general notion in India as Bose is a Bengali surname).

Baba Laughs: Ha ha ha he is lying. He doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know the answer. Ha ha ha. (Subhash Chandra Bose actually belonged to the neighbouring state of Orissa).

Baba: You can buy quilts and bedding s with money but sleep the Paramatma has to give you. If people simply stop lying in this country, this country will be the king of all countries. Think for yourself. If you want to worship, you should worship the girls. But look around. All these Gods are being worshipped. We are making the Gods beg for us. They earn for us and we eat what is offered to them. ‘See we have turned all our Gods into beggars and we are living off them.’

Baba: If doctors had all the answers, wouldn’t they all live to be 100. But no, at 70 they go like this and say “Pappu get me a glass of water” (acts out how old frail people behave and depend on others to do their work) Why should Pappu (a very common pet name for a male child) get you water? Is he your servant? I am totally against people who have children so that the children can take care of you in your old age. I sleep around 7 or 8 pm and get up at 2 am. Then I sit down for meditation for an hour. I have been doing this for over 50 years but honestly I can’t say that I have attained that state of absolute meditative state.
I apologise. Do forgive me if I have said anything to hurt anyone.

Anand: What is your date of birth?

Baba: 1908. I asked my mother when was I born. She replied, “When Rasbehari Bose threw a handmade bomb at Lord Hardinge in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi — two years prior to that you were born”.
Sri Sri Ravishankar (of the Art of Living fame) got my passport made. he asks me to help him meditate whenever he is here. My CDs are sold all over the world and if you search on the internet you can find me on YouTube (gives the YouTube URL)

Disclaimer: Above is a literal translation with occasional paraphrasing to explain the meanings with context to Indian references. It in no way claims the historical authenticity of whatever has been said. Especially in the case of Rasbehari Bose (Delhi Conspiracy case) which happened in 1912 and not 1910 as mentioned by him.

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