Here’s Why Iran Is Boycotting The Hajj – By Jim Stone


Iran is boycotting the hajj (Jim Stone):

They themselves never really got to the bottom of it, but during the last hajj, the Israeli Mossad staged a stampede of the people with the assistance of a saudi prince, who had his security forces aim their weapons and fire a few shots into the air toward where Iran had a large number of weapons experts and nuclear physicists. The stampede was so massive that over 5,000 people were killed, including a huge portion of Iran’s scientific community. The scientists that lived were all rounded up via biometric ID and wristbands they had (a new hajj requirement), and they were taken to a large hospital where they were interrogated until dead.

Iran never said it this bluntly for political reasons, but that is exactly what happened. The stampede was staged, and the exact correct time to stage it was known via a new all encompassing facial recognition camera system that can track who is where and when at any point during the Hajj.

Now, before entering the Hajj, biometrically accurate photos that feed the facial recognition system have to be taken of everyone who enters, and they HAVE TO wear the electronic wristband that identifies them at all times. The Sauds and Israelis took advantage of this new system to nail Iran badly. Despite having over a dozen hospitals within a mile, and hundreds of rescue workers, Saud’s medical response was “very slow,” taking days, because rather than try to help the wounded, they used a pathetically small team of people (because they were the only ones cleared for the black op) to dig through every pile until those they wanted were located and carted off. So if you are a Muslim, and you are influential and prominent against the New World Order, don’t do the Hajj, the Saudis have screwed it for everyone and will likely have you killed, or provide the information to others who will have you killed. A LOT can happen in a crowd of 3 plus million. The Iranians already learned. Citing unrelated “difficulties” created by the Saudi government, NO IRANIANS WILL BE AT THE HAJJ THIS YEAR and I know exactly why.

One would be a fool to go to the Hajj with such a biometric system in place, and the trust completely broken.

Mossaudi Arabia, the new “cradle of Islam!”

What a GREAT example of why we should not allow biometric tracking systems to be put in ANYWHERE.

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