Romania: Disaster For Beekeepers


Romania – Disaster for Beekeepers:

Beekeeping business could be moving towards bankruptcy.

2016 started out promising for Romanian beekeepers, with springlike weather giving early hopes for a good year. But everything changed with the radical change in weather.

Big temperature differences between day and night kept bees in the hive, while heavy rains  reduced the amount of nectar from flowers.

Heavy rains washed away the nectar last week, and beekeepers had to invest in growth stimulators to feed the hives so the bees would not starve. Instead of having honey in the combs, the bees consumed the reserves of honey hives.

Now, the acacia flowering time is almost over.

This year is comparable, at least so far, at to the 2014 catastrophic year for beekeepers.

In these conditions it is possible that Romanians may have to opt for imports.

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