Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922) On Distilled Water

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

Many years ago the late Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, learned of the virtues of distilled water, and always claimed that distilled water had prolonged his life.

He wrote of his experience as follows:

“I have found that distilled water is a sovereign remedy for rheumatism, at least as far as my own case is concerned.

Some years ago doctors could not find anything to relieve me.

The attack came just as I was investigating certain subjects relating to deposits of salts.

One was as to the deposit of salts in the human system.

A well known scientist had written a book in which he said that old age came from such deposits, and that the ills of advanced years were due to the lack of their elimination.

This man thought that when such deposits went to the joints man had rheumatism.

When they went to the kidneys, he had kidney trouble and stones in the urinary organs; and when they lodged in the arteries, they produced what is called hardening of the arteries.

In the same way, when such deposits coated the nerves, they produced sciatica.

At that time I had been studying about the Dead Sea, the Great Salt Lake, and other bodies of water which have no outlets.

The Dead Sea is one-fourth salt and the great Salt Lake is loaded with salt. Well, it occurred to me that my body was much like the Dead Sea and that it needed less salt coming and plenty of ways to get salt out.

I knew that distilled water was pure.

I thought that if I drank plenty of it, I might get rid of some of the salts that were covering my sciatic nerves. I tried drinking it, and it worked like a charm.

Within a short time my sciatica left me and I have been free from rheumatism from that day to this. I have kept up my drinking of distilled water and I attribute my almost perfect health largely to it.”

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