2 thoughts on “Genetic Fallacy: How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent (Video)”

  1. What has happened to our so called “scientific community?” And who does the food safety authority serve? Has our “ethical conduct” reached such a low level of honesty that any discussion of science and any meaningful claim of authority becomes an exercise in futility? It is plainly and painfully obvious that the lack of ethical behavior that pervades our business, political, and educational institutions has now infected the most fundamental processes of scientific research and the public protection agencies whose function is to prevent such blatant corruption of the public interests. When an organism is found to be so totally diseased what is the proper procedure? Why don’t we start cutting out the cancer that will destroy us, or admit that it is already too late.

  2. Of course it’s also quite feasible that many food manufacturers, retailers & fast food chain operators are actually suffering sales drops directly as a result of their support for Monsatan & its deadly produce.

    For instance Pepsi. They not only used Aspartame, which used to be a Monsanto Division product, but also Lays of Topeka (owned by Pepsi) use Monsatan GM potatoes for their chips.

    Tostitos, made by Lays, are made from 100% Round Up Ready Corn modified with the Bt gene to destroy the Corn Weevil by killing its gut flora….and ours perhaps?

    As people awaken to all this manipulation & deviousness, it will affect sales.



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