A Guy Rode His Bike Through Iran, And What He Saw Will Likely Surprise You … (Video)

A Guy Rode His Bike Through Iran, And What He Saw Will Likely Surprise You…

Everyone he meets is more awesome than you can imagine.

A blogger and adventurer who travels the world on an old motorbike has just made a fascinating video about his experiences in Iran. Considering the vast majority of us have very limited knowledge of the country and are influenced heavily by negative media representation, it’s an insightful and much-needed look at the reality of life there.

Ed March went to Iran as part of an epic trip on a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK. He admits he was nervous about going, but everyone who had been said it was a wonderful country. Ed decided to go for it, and it ended up being his favorite part of the journey so far. Basically, Ed quickly discovered that Iranians are amazing people. Everyone he passes wants to give him something for free: a pen, an orange, some food, whatever. They all smile and say hello, they want to know where he’s from, they invite him to eat.

“Everyone acts like your friend’s grandmother,” Ed says, shocked at the sheer scale of generosity and hospitality he’s receiving. “And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.”

Positive portrayal of Iran (which looks like a beautiful country, too) is pretty much non-existent in the mainstream media. We shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Iranians are such warm and lovely folk, but years of misrepresentation have managed to persuade us otherwise. Ed, who has made a film about his trip, gives his opinion on why there is so much negative propaganda against the country. “Call me cynical,” he says, “but I think it’s so that when America does invade there’s not going to be any public resistance, because people have been conditioned to believe Iran is evil.”

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