Unprecedented Ice Floods Across Saudi Arabia (Video)

Unprecedented ice floods across Saudi Arabia – Video:

Shocking video shows hail the size of golf balls. Says it’s the first in Saudi Arabia.

Deadly flash floods have already claimed six lives. Meteorologists predicted eight years worth of rain in just two days

Extreme weather conditions have been lashing the country since October 28, as the low pressure area concentrated over the northern part of the Persian Gulf.

Huge downpours in Iraq and Iran as well.




Thanks to Ronald Baker, Jason Bradstreet, Laurel, Stephanie Mc Dowall, Bengt, Petsku P and Don Brown for these links

Last week the Green Mob through CNN, and all other Lame Stream Media scared the hell out of the People living in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates claiming their cities would become uninhabitable by 2090 because of AGW causing drought and extreme temperatures,” says Jason.

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