More Than 13 Feet Of Snow Mount Rainier, WA By Monday Evening

More than 13 feet of snow Mount Rainier, WA by Monday evening:

Four meters of snow in just four days!

As of yesterday morning, NOAA was predicting between 122 and 162 inches of snow (10 to 13½ FEET!) on Mt. Rainier at higher elevations.

Combined with 65 mph winds and temperatures in the 20-30 degree Fahrenheit range, wind chills will drop to near zero Fahrenheit.

Farther north, 10,000-foot Mt. Baker was forecast to get 70 inches (almost 2 meters) of snow in the next 3 days.

Snow levels will start high but will drop to as low as 4,000-feet by Sunday.

Mt Rainier forecast (as of today)

Mt Baker forecast (as of today)

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