Argentina: Coldest October Since Records Began

Argentina – Coldest October since records began:

Isn’t this where Pope Francis is from?

Low temperatures for 20 days in most of Argentina created the coldest October since 1963, according to the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

“The extremely cold conditions in much of Argentina were because we had many cold surges as they passed by masses of polar origin Patagonia and reached at least five times,” said Telam meteorologist Jose Ignacio Lopez Amorin.

These temperature for October can only be compared to what happened in the spring of 1963, reports SMN. “There were days of more frequent and more cold cold in September and October than in June, July and August, due to a change in airflow partly explained by El Niño and partly by local and zonal conditions, “he said.

Pigüé-in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires set a record in its historical low temperatures; Mendoza while some areas, particularly Malargüe, marked declines in average middle and lower temperatures.

“Five cold surges in 23 days is a really remarkable rate and, if in October, much more” Amorim stressed, who said the SMN expects that El Niño will last “until February 2016 at least.”

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