Dumbing Down of America? California School District’s New Grading Scale Gives out Cs for “Doing Absolutely Nothing at All”


Dumbing Down of America? California School District’s New Grading Scale Gives out Cs for “Doing Absolutely Nothing at All”:

school district north of San Francisco has decided to implement a new “grading system” that almost entirely negates the point of, well, grading systems.

Via The Daily Caller:

Under a new policy, students will be able to earn passing grades with scores of just 20 percent — and a solid C for doing absolutely nothing at all…

The Cotati-Rohnert Park grade scale deviates from the traditional, well-established A-through-F scale by distributing grades in 20-percent increments from 0 to 100 percent, and by only giving grades of F for students with scores below 20 percent.

Thus, students who receive a score of 80 will be awarded an A-. In fact, any grade from 80 to 100 will be either an A or A-. By way of comparison, most students in America who score between 80 and 85 in a given class are sent home with either a B- or a B.

An accumulated percentage of 41 percent — which merits a well-deserved grade of F across most of the country — will now warrant a C- from the Northern California school district.

A measly percentage of 20-40 warrants passing grades between D- and D+.

Along with the new scale, teachers are now required, by district-wide rule, to always give students at least a 50%, even if they never complete any work at all.

In other words, Cs for everyone! Guess no child really ever will be left behind.

So far, the scale has led to students realizing they can skate by with “massive grade inflation”. Teachers say they’re already seeing kids try way less because the kids have figured out it doesn’t matter anyway.

Why work extra hard studying for that A on a test when 80% will basically get a kid the same result?

In fact, the scale will likely quash any incentive some kids have to do anything academically in school at all period.

Talk about being dumbed down

At that point, why grade at all? In fact, the wimpy excuse for a grading system is likely more harmful that just not giving grades in the first place.

8 thoughts on “Dumbing Down of America? California School District’s New Grading Scale Gives out Cs for “Doing Absolutely Nothing at All””

  1. Again, this harbinger is an obvious result of international trade slow down. Yet nothing is asked or reported by the MSM liars. As Mr.Snyder states, logic tells us we must be headed for an economic meltdown, if only based on the galactic levels of Government, Corporate & personal Debt.

    It really is going to be interesting.


  2. Upsetting, but we elders are more than aware of the requirements of a bar code reader to enable our dumb grandkids to get a job.

    My daughter does home tutoring on top of the school curriculum, and the system tries to demolish her efforts by changing goalposts and methods to make logical. methodical reasoning inadmissable.

    Fortunately she perseveres, to the benefit of her children. There is a growing dissension at modern liberal (unchallenging) teaching techniques, which can only lead to either a boom in home tutoring or open rejection of modern techniques.


  3. My daughter is so frustrated when sitting down with her kids to see their homework.
    She watches them do a simple mathematics (Maths) sum….

    2 x 9 – 3 =……….12

    Apparently it’s called order of process or something similar.
    You take the second part first (9-3)=6, then multiply by 2. =12

    How the hell did they get to Voyager round the Solar System?
    Or is this why we haven’t acieved much over the five years since Common Purpose re-programmed us?



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