Secret cables reveal U.S. plot against Syria years before the plan turned into action (Video)


Wikileaks from 2006 reveal a clear plan by the US government to destabilize Syria by targeting its vulnerabilities and certain possible actions for regime change. And the media followed suit.

2 thoughts on “Secret cables reveal U.S. plot against Syria years before the plan turned into action (Video)”

  1. All wars are set up and fought for profit with no regard for the lives and situation of those living there…….Most wars are planned years in advance to give greedy guts maximum time to plan their exploits. Wars are often set up using cheap catch phrases and patriotic jargon to sell the uninitiated reasons for the endless wars waged around the world.

    We are ruining the world with these wars…..Since Ancient Rome, wars have been the downfall of all imperialist empires…..

    Rather like the Germans who have a long history of aspiring for world domination only to lose it, all empires do themselves in when greedy guts gain control. From corrupt Emperors to corporate owned presidents, the result is always the same, wealth stolen from the people, all given to the few on top, revolution and war always the outcome.

    This gets incredibly monotonous when you spend your life reading and studying history. This gets really old after a while. Someone who knew me years ago once told me he was certain I would gain whatever I wanted in life, but “the repetition of it all will drive you crazy.”

    It is only recently that comment makes sense to me…….Seeing a man like Trump becoming the next GOP candidate for president of the US is one thing. Seeing him win it because all his rivals are gibbering idiots is another indication of an empire in decline. None of the other Republican candidates have a chance of winning against the weakest of the Democrats…….most are fool retreads the public is weary of seeing.

    Even worse, if the democrats are fool enough to run retread Clinton, fully entrapped in political correctness, they will lose. She doesn’t dare sneeze without prior assurance she won’t offend or lose a vote……Conversely, Trump appears a man who is free, he says what he pleases & bows to none of these fool conventions….that is part of his appeal to many.

    There are millions who hear a phrase or two from Trump, and decide he is their guy……..They are the low information voters who make up a large percentage of the total……from both parties.

    Unless something happens to wake up many millions of voters, a billionaire might be able to buy the presidency…….He assures war Vets he will bring in many more successful billionaires like him who will fix the problems that beset this government, and the people…..the war vets cheered. He used a few catch phrases, that’s all it took……..Voters need to become more proactive; not so damn lazy.

    If Trump were to become president, this nation would become nightmarish to live in. The idea such a man could become president is appalling to me, I remember Eisenhower and Kennedy…..both men of intellect and integrity. We were at our pinnacle at that time, we had fine leaders. We would put a man on the moon, and we did…..A fool like Trump would have been laughed off the stage then…..but not now.

    The greedy guts are in control, and all is about profit……for them only.


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