Joe Biden’s Son Blames “Russian Agents” For Ashley Madison Profile

Joe Biden’s Son Blames “Russian Agents” For Ashley Madison Profile (ZeroHedge, Aug 29, 2015):

Last night we heard the best ‘excuse’ yet if you are caught with an Ashley Madison account, from Dan Loeb“due diligence.” Today, not to be outdone by a married hedge fund manager, Vice-President Joe Biden’s son “Hunter” has unleashed his own set of excuses for member ship of the extramarital affairs website, as Breitbart reports  – Biden thinks international agents, possibly Russian, who objected to his board membership with a Ukrainian gas company set up a fake account to discredit him. However, IP mapping suggests otherwise…


1 thought on “Joe Biden’s Son Blames “Russian Agents” For Ashley Madison Profile”

  1. Biden is just another presidential candidate retread parroting what he is told to say. Demonizing Russia is the vogue with these idiots………it is a losing path.
    Russia is one of the few countries that will not be devastated by the China unwinding…….their debt to GDP is around 40%, they have more oil, gold and other natural resources than any other country in the world……And, they have a smart leader who is working on behalf of Russia, not just his buddies or cronies.

    Russia owes Germany some money. Germany wants Prussia back…..Russia has Prussia……Germany is having a powerful nationalistic revival, and they want to resurrect the greatness of Prussia. Putin has told German leaders if they want Prussia back, they need to forgive some of the debt…….I bet it happens.

    So much is going on, so little is being reported……..Russia is a country on the way up, we are one on the decline. The idiots we have as leaders and potential ones are an embarrassment to anyone with a mind…………

    Biden is a jerk. If they run him as democratic candidate, Trump will be the next president……..God help us.


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