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  1. Venezuela is a target of the US for starting the currency wars. It was Hugo Chavez, then the leader of the tiny South American Trade Alliance, who launched the dagger at US monetary dominance with the launching of the Sucre. The Sucre is the first electronic currency allowing all member nations to trade using their own currencies. Members could give their own currency and it would be traded honestly; their currency traded honestly. For the first time, member nations could trade directly with each other without trading into US or other currencies first. It provided them with a great freedom, hither unknown in their trade history.

    China and Russia followed the currency trading with interest, and in November of that same year, they followed suit. Had it stopped there, well, who knows? China went on to recruit much of the entrapped world, Turkey, Iran, South Africa and many other African nations…….Members of South and South & Central America, Australia and lastly, Canada..

    B.R.I.C.S., the eastern answer to the FED was established by then with many members from South and Central America, as well as the growing African nations…….As usual, too late to the table, the US realized the power of the electronic currencies and the undermining of the dollar……..I think these people sleep all the time.

    Now aware of the pressure put on the power of the dollar, they pull out all stops to end it……….but, it is far too late. The electronic currency took off in 2005, and China took it around the world in 2006…………How much easier it is to use one’s own currency when trading then to change to the dollar. What does the dollar give them? Nothing.

    The US, like its people, was too rich too long. Now, they are finding out what most of us understand by the time we can walk; efficiency will always win.

    Now, the US is facing major problems thanks to its endless printing of paper money with nothing behind it but ink. It has been a long time for Americans to suffer shortages, but I fear it is in our future……..

    We have greedy fools in power, and nobody to listen to the people……..What a mess. I wish the best for Venezuela, and hope the problems are solved soon.


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