Indiana: Wettest June On Record – $475 Million Damage To Crops … So Far

Indiana – Wettest June on record (Ice Age Now, July 5, 2015):

$475 million damage to crops so far. June also was the fourth-wettest MONTH on record since 1895.

The state average of 9.03 inches rainfall surpassed the previous June record of 8.13 inches set in 1958, says the Indiana State Climate Office.

The rain has exacted a heavy toll on crops, flooding fields in many areas of the state — especially in the north — and keeping young corn and soybean plants under water for days on end.

Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt said the value of the crops already could have declined by $475 million because of the damage.

Only three other months are on record as wetter in Indiana: January 1950, with 10.11 inches; April 2011, with 9.61 inches; and January 1937, with 9.23 inches.

The climate office said Indiana’s July forecast calls for more of the same.

It was also the wettest June on record in Illinois.

And brings up the question that I keep asking, “What will happen if all that precipitation begins falling in the winter?”

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