All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars (Video)


Hitler was financed by Rothschild agents.

The Rothschilds were behind the Russian Revolution and financed Stalin.

The Rothschilds were behind the French Revolution, WWI and WWII.

They are behind the financial crisis, the coming greatest financial collapse in world history and they have WW3 planned for us.

Will Putin move against the Rothschild owned Russian central bank, or not? Will he nationalize it?






Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild

The Rothschilds … a family rules the world (Very appropriate cover!):

Die Rothschilds - Eine Familie beherrscht die Welt

In summary:

4 thoughts on “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars (Video)”

  1. Looks like the fools heading up Germany and the other lending nations, not to mention the head of the IMF are all going to need new jobs.

    Right now, the No vote has it at over 61% …….the Greek PM is winning. They have changed the definition of neck to neck to “landslide”……

    Here is the live update:–eu-euro-bailout-live#block-559973b0e4b00bdd27707dd7


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