Has America reached a ‘blue screen of death’ moment? A hard reboot now seems inevitable…


Has America reached a ‘blue screen of death’ moment? A hard reboot now seems inevitable… (Natural News, June 27, 2015):

In just the last week alone, America’s politicians forfeited the nation’s economic future by secretly passing fast track trade authority, California lawmakers accepted bribes from Big Pharma to legalize mass medical genocide against blacks by passing the mandatory vaccination law SB 277, online retailers banned the Confederate flag while promoting Nazi symbolism, howling leftist maniacs began vandalizing historical monuments in cities like Austin Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that words have no meaning in law, and Apple yanked historical Civil War games from its app store because those games showed “Confederate imagery.”

As the United States of America remains inundated with Fukushima radiation and chemtrail geoengineering experiments, it has now surpassed $18 trillion in national debt. Nearly 50 million Americans are on government food stamps, and political correctness is now so insanely absurd that the University of California has ordered its professors to avoid using “offensive” phrases like “land of opportunity.”

These are all signs that America has entered the blue screen of death phase of civilization — that “memory dump” moment when everything stops working and the computer tries to figure out what happened before suddenly rebooting to BIOS and trying to reload the operating system.

In political terms, a reboot is a revolution followed by a constitutional convention that attempts to establish the fundamental infrastructure of laws and rights upon which the rest of society’s functions will be based. As anyone who has lived through a reboot will tell you, reboots are often bloody and always chaotic.

Societies have to reboot for the same reasons computers do: not enough resources

Why do computers have to be rebooted from time to time? At first, they run lean and clean, but as more and more application demands are placed upon them, system resources start to become scarce. More RAM is needed by an ever-increasing load of (entitlement) programs, to the point where the system has to start “borrowing” RAM by swapping out memory to disk.

At this point, the efficiency of the computer’s performance slows to a crawl. Errors start to emerge with greater frequency: database record locks, run-time errors, individual application crashes and the stalling of browsers. Before long, even the keyboard doesn’t respond, something freezes in a fatal manner and the system suffers a catastrophic failure. The blue screen of death appears, and a hard reboot is required to restore functionality. (At Microsoft, this is also known as a “feature.”)

In human society, the system also runs lean and clean at first, when government is small and the population is more self-reliant and sane. But as more and more demands are placed upon the government by an increasingly entitlement-minded population, bad government balloons in size, seizing more and more societal resources to feed its hungry entitlement masses who demand endless money in the same way a badly-behaved computer app devours RAM. Bloat expands out of control, and with it come all the errors and failures of bad government.

At some point, the government resorts to piling on endless debt, borrowing resources to pay off its demanding entitlement programs. Efficiency plummets and the system slows to a crawl. Programs begin to fail and freeze up. Insanity emerges as programs begin to break (Obamacare, anyone?), and before long the entire society experiences a catastrophic, systemic failure.

Why the blue screen of death is now readily apparent for America

That moment for America, is seems, may have just begun. The blue screen of death is now apparent in the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions of the week, where the court openly admitted that laws no longer mean what they say. Instead, the government has now established a precedent where it can say laws mean whatever we WISH for them to mean, even if that utterly contradictions what they say.

In other words, the Bill of Rights is now meaningless. Statutory law is null and void. All contracts with the government mean nothing. Words, like genders, are now said to mean only whatever the person uttering them wants them to mean. In the same way a white woman can claim she “self identifies as black,” lawmakers can now claim the laws they wrote that say one thing actually mean something entirely different because that’s what they wish for them to mean. (Political magical thinking.)

And what do they mean, exactly? Whatever the hysterical mob wants them to mean that year. As the mob’s biases and revisionist history shifts, so does the wildly fabricated interpretation of the words that make up this nation’s laws, contracts and rights.

Objective reality has now been abandoned. Sanity has been steamrolled into the pavement, and the very idea of intelligent debate or discourse in subjects like the national debt and free trade has been vilified and eviscerated by the same government that just sold out the entire American public to multinational corporations.

See my latest Counterthink poster from Counterthink.com:


This isn’t just a hardware problem, it’s a software problem, too

The problem with society today is that it’s running on software that isn’t based on reality. This “software” is really the amalgamation of human psychology, beliefs, desires and motivations, all of which have become wildly distorted in recent years as insanity has taken over. In today’s society, this software is based primarily on the “Gimmie gimmie gimmie” program which demands endless entitlements and handouts to the voting mob.

Where John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” Obama’s presidency is based on the premise of, “Find out just how many free goodies you can collect if you keep voting for Democrats.”

The all-important ideas of hard work, small business investment, ethical life decisions and individual responsibility have been utterly abandoned, replaced by selfish greed, punitive vengeance against political opponents, fabricated economic statistics and false narratives. Even the very claim that Obamacare would make health insurance more affordable was a complete fabrication. For almost everyone, health care costs have dramatically risen since Obamacare was made law.

The government, meanwhile, operates in near-total secrecy, treating the People of America with vicious contempt and characterizing them as “useless eaters” whose only job in society is to vote every two years, then go home and shut the hell up.

America is broken (and broke)

And so America is now broken. The things that once made America great have been not just abandoned, but vilified. The system is grinding to a halt, even as the liars in Washington D.C. and the White House insist everything’s great. Couldn’t be better! What unemployment? Never mind the fact that 93 million Americans no longer have jobs at all…

Now the U.S. government has resorted to the function of a fiction publisher, inventing false economic statistics in the desperate hope that no one will notice reality. Social issues like gay marriage are used as weapons of mass distraction to make sure people never pay attention to the fast approaching blue screen of death for the economy.

But some people are paying attention. According to a new poll published by the Washington Examiner, 72% of survey participants “fear an economic crash” is right around the corner.

Similarly, today Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog issued a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015, stating, “Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent.”

For my own take on all this, watch my highly popular new mini-documentary called the Systemic Market Crash. It’s also viewable here:

The bottom line? Get ready for a hard reboot

The signs are inescapable. A hard reboot is coming. Conservative authors like Ann Coulter see it, too, publishing books like Adios, America! which carries the byline, “The left’s plan to turn our country into a third world hellhole.”

California, of course, is already plunging toward third-world status. With the extreme water shortage now decimating the food supply, people are foregoing showers and personal hygiene and even refraining from flushing their own toilets, plunging many citizens toward literal third-world living standards.

The coming hard reboot will likely begin with a financial implosion followed by riots in the streets, racial strife and martial law. Food, water and money will all be controlled by a government that recognizes no law other than its own made-up tyrannical authority. The confiscation of gold, guns and ammo will quickly follow, as the government attempts to disarm the people most likely to rise up against it and pursue the kind of revolts we repeatedly see throughout world history during “reboot” events.

It is at this point that anything can happen: a military coup, the secession of states, armed citizen uprisings against the corrupt political class, or even the kind of horrendous “cultural revolution” we once witnessed take place in China, where all academics were removed from their homes and shot in order to dumb down the population and make the masses easier to control. (It worked for China, too. Look how obedient the population remains to this day!)

All this has happened before

Lest you think such scenarios are outlandish and impossible, you probably need to review some basic history. All this has happened before. As Dave Hodges from The Commonsense Show writes, we are now witnessing the precise steps leading to an “American Holocaust” — the mass killing of certain targeted groups of citizens while the howling, obedient mainstream masses cheer the genocide.

Similarly, Brandon Smith from Alt-Market.com writes this piece in SHTFplan.com entitled Elites Planning Fall Of America: “This Reset Is The Next Stage In The Plan For Total Global Economic Centralization.” In it, he states:

The fall of the EU is a means to an end for globalists. There is almost no nation or institution they will not sacrifice if that sacrifice can be exploited to further their goal of total global political and economic dominance. They don’t just want a completely centralized system; they want all of us to BEG them to put that system in place. They want the masses to think it was all our idea. This is the most pervasive and effective form of slavery, when the slaves are manipulated into demanding their own enslavement.

The economic implosion may begin this year

The difficult part in any of this, of course, is determining the timing of when things will hit the wall and implode. The cascading financial collapse of 2008, for example, still hasn’t been allowed to run its course, indicating that globalist central banks are remarkably skilled at delaying the inevitable.

But they can’t delay it forever. The global debt collapse will sooner or later reach a day of reckoning, and the longer it was delayed before that day, the worse the crash will be.

Economic reality has been delayed for so long across our world that there’s little question the global reboot is going to be the most extreme ever witnessed in human history. Many believe events are pointing toward a late 2015 implosion, but timing such predictions has proven to be all but impossible, so don’t mark your calendars with any specific date. You might look up the “Shemitah” and seven-year cycles, however, which really did fall on extraordinary events every seven years, including the 2008 banking implosion, the 2001 dot-com crash and 9/11, and other global financial events in the years before that.

The real key is to be ready at all times for the inevitable. That means rearranging your life to be as independent as possible. Get far away from the areas where collapse can quickly turn to chaos (i.e. any large city). Maintain your own individual supplies of food, water and self-protection tools. Don’t put all your financial eggs in the dollar basket: own gold, silver, land and other assets that will survive the collapse of the dollar.

And most importantly, don’t live beyond your means. Debt is fatal in a collapse. You need to have assets, not debts, because assets translate into choices, while debt translates into enslavement.

When the hard reboot comes, you don’t want to find yourself among today’s idiotic deniers who have convinced themselves that the cycles of history have now magically (and for the first time ever) been suspended for all time. All the signs are now undeniable that we’ve reached that “blue screen of death moment” for modern society. Buckle down and knuckle up, because we’re all in for a wild ride.

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