McCain Joins Ukraine Advisory Committee Headed By Georgia’s Fugitive Ex-President


–  McCain Joins Ukraine Advisory Committee Headed By Georgia’s Fugitive Ex-President (ZeroHedge, May 14, 2015):

John McCain may find himself ‘back in the (former) USSR’ more frequently as the Senator landed on Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s list of advisers along with former Georgian President (and current fugitive) Miheil Saakashvili. This should give McCain an opportunity to realize his dream of turning the ‘conflict’ with Russia into a proper war that self-respecting hawks can be proud of.









3 thoughts on “McCain Joins Ukraine Advisory Committee Headed By Georgia’s Fugitive Ex-President”

  1. Mendacious, sold out example of excessive corruption. Over the years, he has gotten more rotten and lacking in any aspect of common decency. I cannot think of one standard he has ever claimed that could hold true under extreme examination. Perhaps his stance against torture……but that is only because he was tortured while in captivity.

    Graduated #98 out of 100 in the Naval Academy….only two others had lower grades than he did…..Had he not a prominent father in the Navy, he would have washed out the first year…..had they ever admitted him in the first place.
    What a joke…..on America.

    This pathetic story is only one more example of his consistent downward slide.


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