2 thoughts on “The Greatest Water Crisis In The History Of The United States”

  1. I still have clear memory of what science warned us about nuclear fallout back in the 1960s, before science was bought and paid for by greedy corporations. They warned us that in event of a nuclear accident that the fallout would continue to increase in lethal radiation and heat. There is no limit to the heat…..or the radioactive poisons……..

    Regardless the idiots in charge have chosen to say nothing about the Japan fallout, I think there is a connection. I am no scientist, but the poisoned water, air, soil and total environment have suffered severe change. Our once beautiful beaches now are covered with disgusting barnacles instead of white sand and sea shells. Our sea life is dying off, our crops and plants are dying……..

    The heat continues to increase in Japan…..nothing is said. I guess the idiots think their will can overcome the powers of nuclear fallout…….

    We are finished. A technology that ought never to have been shared with the world is the cause………..

  2. Water doesn’t disappear it only moves or changes into ice or steam, there is still as much water on the world as we have started with. The ocean is full of water which we can filter and pump by machines that are powered by.. saltwater.


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