Greek Deal In Limbo After “Serious Disagreement” Between EU, IMF

Greek Deal In Limbo After “Serious Disagreement” Between EU, IMF (ZeroHedge, May 5, 2015):

On the heels of Monday’s news that the IMF may demand a write-off of Greek debt by European creditors before the organization will disburse its portion of a €7.2 billion aid tranche to Athens, it now appears the situation has deteriorated further with unnamed Greek officials reporting “serious disagreements” between the IMF and the EU which may make a compromise “impossible” by the critical May 12 deadline.

1 thought on “Greek Deal In Limbo After “Serious Disagreement” Between EU, IMF”

  1. There are too many dead bodies hidden here……too many players with much to hide would get hurt with exposure if Greece is allowed to fail……As a result, the Greeks refuse to compromise, the IMF continues to make threats, and nothing is done…..this fool’s game has been going on for many months with no resolution in sight.

    To the logical viewer, Greece ought to have been allowed to default months ago. But, for some reason, players out of public view keep kicking the financial can down the road increasing the amounts of money due that is impossible for Greece to meet. There are some dirty details being hidden from the public view……..this entire situation makes no sense to a sane viewer.

    I don’t know the details of this debacle……but whatever they are, they won’t benefit to the Greek people, or the EU citizens…….only a few greedy guts……and many others will be hurt badly.


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