None Other Than Jamie Dimon Warns Of The Next Market Crash

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–  “Another Crisis Is Coming”: Jamie Dimon Warns Of The Next Market Crash (ZeroHedge, April 9, 2015):

The Treasury flash crash and similar recent events in currency markets are “shots across the bow,” Jamie Dimon says in his latest letter to shareholders. The JPM chief goes on to warn, as we have for years, that declining liquidity in credit markets is likely to exacerbate future crises: “The likely explanation for the lower depth in almost all bond markets is that inventories of market-makers’ positions are dramatically lower than in the past. For instance, the total inventory of Treasuries readily available to market-makers today is $1.7 trillion, down from $2.7 trillion at its peak in 2007. The trend in dealer positions of corporate bonds is similar.”



5 thoughts on “None Other Than Jamie Dimon Warns Of The Next Market Crash”

  1. Sure, he has benefited by QE, now he can whine about the next crash…………which he probably cannot wait to see happen, he will make another fortune at the expense of the rest of us.

    If there were any justice, he would be in jail.

  2. China is not doing well…….from it’s ghost towns, and overbuilt construction sites…….the days of 14% growth are gone forever. China may be competing with the US World Bank, the IMF………but, like the rest of the world, China is over-extended and sinking economically. In order to grow, there needs to be real demand, not just government funding favorite contractors…..

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    Russia invaded & took it over in 12th Century, which ties in with the exodus resulting in the infiltration into western Europe, and their subsequent usurping of all power.

    In other words, Camel Attaturk & Taras Bulba have taken over the world in the name of Rothschild, Guggenheim, Oppenheimer and so on, including blending in using western names to conceal their identity.


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