4 thoughts on “Homelessness In London Soars By 79% Since 2010”

  1. I wonder what the hunger rate is…….in the US, hunger now affects over 20% of the entire population at some point each month…..affecting a growing number of children and the elderly.

    When homelessness and hunger come in…..they bring in anger, and a sense of disenfranchisement that leads to revolution. Add in the financial straits that affects well over 30% of people in the US and Euro nations and trouble is brewing. When the light is finally shone onto the true debt disaster the US and the Euro share…..the house of cards will come crashing down.

    It is really stupid to allow this to happen to so many citizens……..

    If Greece finally pulls the plug on the Euro over the next few weeks, the truth about the indebtedness of the entire western economy will be exposed…..and 2008 will look like a picnic in comparison. This time, all the financial tools used to forestall true disaster have been used, abused and broken……it will be brutal.

  2. Just visited Dublin, and was astounded at the number of beggars, many from eastern Europe. Literally one every 10 paces around the big shops where construction work was being carried out laying new tram tracks. It seems from the attached blog that professional begging gangs have moved in.

    So I started asking individuals about their thoughts on the E.U., recalling that Ireland had a referendum & voted OUT, but EU told them to have another vote until they voted “IN”. So they voted “IN”.

    The general theme now is that since the second vote, the EU have funded many big infrastructure projects, to the extent that the employment level (excluding the beggars) …see…


    is massaged by EU funded work, none of which is anything but papering over the cracks.
    One person’s response was a gem, “We don’t really want the federalism or remote bureaucracy, but now, we’re so fucked, we need the EU more than ever.


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