After Spike In Earthquake Activity , New Fukushima Leak Sees 70 Times Increase In Radiation

After Spike In Earthquake Activity , New Fukushima Leak Sees 70x Increase In Radiation (ZeroHedge, Feb 22, 2015):

It has been a disturbing week for Japan, not due to any recent economic calamity resulting from Abenomics, but because for the first time since the catastrophic 2011 earthquake, the nation has been rocked with a series of ever stronger tremors, with two 6.0+ stronger quakes recorded in just the past 2 days:

Japan quakes_0

The quakes come at an awkward time, just a few short months before Japan’s government aims to restart its first nuclear reactor by around June, following the Fukushima devastation.

While it is unclear if it is directly related to the recent surge in tectonic activity, overnight another radioactive water leak in the sea was detected at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, the facility’s operator TEPCO announced. Contamination levels in the gutter reportedly spiked up 70 times over regular readings.

The levels of contamination were between 50 and 70 times higher than Fukushima’s already elevated radioactive status, and were detected at about 10 am local time (1.00 am GMT), AFP reported. After the discovery, the gutter was blocked to prevent leaks to the Pacific Ocean.

As RT adds, throughout Sunday, contamination levels fell, but still measured 10 to 20 times more than prior to the leak. “We are currently monitoring the sensors at the gutter and seeing the trend,” a company spokesman said.

He did not specify the cause of the leak.

Tepco being Tepco, it decided to be extra generous with the lives and safety of any citizens around the blast site, and in yet another attempt to avoid panic, reported the latest batch of radioactive propaganda:

There was one problem what that euphemism:

The euphemisms continue: “It has proved difficult for TEPCO to deal with plant decommissioning. Postponed deadlines and alarming incidents occur regularly at the facility. Earlier this week, the UN nuclear watchdog (IAEA) said Japan had made significant progress, but there is still a radioactive threat, and a “very complex” scenario at Fukushima.”

So while Tepco not only has no idea how to proceed with the toxic cleanup at the Fukushima site 4 years after the explosion having scrapped its idiotic “ice sarcophagus” idea a year ago, and continues to scramble to push the illusion that it is on top of the situation – one which any earthquake threatens to unravel with devastating results – Japan is already preparing for its next epic catastrophe, when it proceeds to launch even more nuclear power plants in the coming months. Then again, once Japan suffers the next and final Fukushima-type event and the endgame for doomed nation arrives, at least the government can “blame nature” for finally destroying the country, deflecting attention from years and decades of failed economic policies.

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  1. Were it not for you, and, we would not know.
    I went to Fukushima Diary the other day, they are people at ground zero, in Japan, reporting what nobody else dares. The governments have shut down their PayPal account, so they cannot receive donations except through bank transfers which are carefully monitored by the FEDS.
    Do they really think keeping a tight lid on this will stop the radiation? Our country is mired in debt and in drought. Since 2011, we have experienced the worst drought on the west coast in 1200 years, and I cannot help but wonder if Fukushima (not the Russians) is causing some of it. The accident happened March 11. 2011. That is the end of our rain period in CA.
    Since then, it has gotten progressively worse.
    I am no scientist, but if I were, I would sure be trying to find out.

  2. On the only part of the US west coast that still gets rain, toxic milky rain is falling from the sky. This is the second report of this type of rain I have read about in the last six weeks.

    This is alarming. Thanks for all you do to inform people on this subject.
    I am getting sicker, but I have led a full life, and it doesn’t matter much. But, for the future of mankind, it is becoming more dire.

    Even worse is the fool way world leaders deal with it……… ignoring it.
    When I was young, and America was strong, the best minds in the world would have been recruited to find a way to shut down toxic nightmares like Fukushima, the mess in Nevada, and Washington State.
    We are being exterminated.


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