And Now The Weather …


New England digging out from fourth winter storm in a month – Video:

Another foot of snow on top of 6 feet already. “The Blizzard of 78 was a piece of cake compared to this,” says Peg.

Snow and severe cold for eastern Canada

Bitter cold grips most of US – Incredible video :

Some of the coldest temperatures in decades in New York – Boston has warmed up to 3 degrees (-16 C).

Heavy snowfall brings death and destruction to animals in Spain

Heavy snowfall causes road closures in Mexico

–  Boston monthly snowfall record smashed:

This is already the 3rd snowiest winter on record in Boston.

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  1. These all indicate climate change, and it is happening very quickly.
    CA is in its worst drought in 1200 years according to the people who can read from tree rings. It is just awful here, we would be delighted to get some of that weather here. It is endless ugly sunshine, and I hate it. Our soil is dry, our crops dying, and food supplies will soon be a real problem……..


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