German Lawmaker Demands All Payments To Greece Be ‘Immediately Stopped’


German Lawmaker Demands All Payments To Greece Be “Immediately Stopped” (ZeroHedge, Feb 16, 2015):

Following the reported withdrawal of what Greece deemed as an acceptable draft document to move forward – replaced by an “absurd, unacceptable” draft by EU President Dijsselbloem – it appears the Germans are none too happy. A senior lawmaker from Angela Merkel’s Christian Union bloc has demanded that following this ‘rejection’ of the Eurogroup’s plan, all payments to Greece should be immediately stopped.

As Bloomberg reports,

Hans Michelbach, a senior lawmaker from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Union bloc in parliament, says in e-mailed statement that EU needs to react to Greece’s rejection of euro area’s proposal.

  • Payments must be immediately stopped and money kept as collateral to secure Greek debt payments
  • Talks’ breakdown forces ECB to halt any aid
  • Athens let last deadline lapse, national parliaments now won’t have enough time to approve any solution found at later stage

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The rift is clearly deepening on both sides…


1 thought on “German Lawmaker Demands All Payments To Greece Be ‘Immediately Stopped’”

  1. Greece is being pushed out of the EU, regardless of any noise the ECB or IMF want a solution……………
    BRICS has money for them, Russia has food.
    They are on a key location on both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, offering a key position to Russia. Cyprus has already offered bases to Russia, and I am sure Greece will follow. Get Rumania, Italy, Spain………and that is the end of the EU and the US dollar, the goal of Russia since 2010.
    And, here is Germany playing into it. Germany, France and the UK already have found alternative ways of trading without the dollar, in fact the dollar is dying, thanks to greedy guts who had to go for it all, leaving nothing for anyone else.


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