Update: Blowout Victory For Syriza In Greek Elections – Greek Exit Polls Suggest Blowout Victory For Syriza: Live Webcasts From Greece


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UPDATE: Greek Government official admits electoral defeat by Syriza

As AP reports,

A senior official in Greece’s governing conservatives has conceded defeat to the radical left Syriza party in Sunday’s national elections.

“We lost,” Health Minister Makis Voridis told private Mega TV. “The extent of that result is not yet clear.”

Voridis, the conservative party’s parliamentary spokesman, says the government’s austerity policies, implemented to secure vital international bailouts, “make sense” but were cut short before they could bear fruit.

An exit poll on state Nerit TV projects Syriza winning by a wide margin.

Greek Exit Polls Suggest Blowout Victory For Syriza: Live Webcasts From Greece (ZeroHedge, Jan 25, 2015):

The first Greek exit polls are out and here they are:

greek exit pol

According to the initial exit polls, in first place, with some 35.5%-39.5% of the vote is Syriza, a huge lead over the second placing New Democracy which has 23-27% of the vote – far more than polls had indicated previously – and a spot which essentially  assures Tsipras’ party an absolute majority in parliament and the ability to take as hardline an approach as he wishes.

The other parties:

  • Golden Dawn nationalists: 6.4-8.0%
  • The new party, To Potami, also with : 6.4-8.0%
  • Venizelos’ socialist Pasok: 4.2%-5.2%
  • KKE: 4.7%-5.7%
  • Independent Greeks: 3.5%-4.5%
  • Knima: 2.2%-3.2%: probably not enough to pass the 3.0% threshold

How the parliament breakdown would look like with these numbers: SYRIZA has a 12.5 percentage point lead over New Democracy and is expected to get between 146 and 158 seats in Parliament, according to the exit polls.

  • SYRIZA 152 (146-158)
  • ND 70 ( 65- 75)
  • Golden Dawn 19.5 ( 17- 22)
  • POTAMI 19.5 ( 17- 22)
  • KKE 14.5 ( 13- 16)
  • PASOK 13.5 ( 12- 15)
  • ANEL 11.5 ( 10- 13)
  • KINIMA ( 0- 8)

A second take on what Greek parliament would look like also gives Syriza an almost certain majority:

A quick observation:

In short: if nothing changes drastically from here, a blowout victory for Syriza is essentially assured, one which gives it an absolute majority.

For those who wish to follow the data in real time from the ground, here are several live webcasts:

Greek Exit Polls Suggest Blowout Victory For Syriza


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  1. Neo Nazis are never good because they breed more hate and destruction. How anyone could be Neo-Nazi after Hitler is beyond my understanding…….except that man is inherently savage.

    There is one question this article does not address. Will the outcome of this election cause Greece to leave the EU? That is the key in my opinion. Putin has promised them food supplies if they do…….and I don’t think they are in a mood to go along with the EU’s self-destructive support of US sanctions.

  2. Well, it’s not too far from the Ukraine, and next door to Turkey & Syria, so it shouldn’t be a problem for the U.S. to send in covert ‘rebels’ to undermine the hopes and aspirations of the people.
    It’s the only way the Rothschilds etc can save face and perpetuate their income at the expense of the serfs.


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