US taxpayer $$$ will fund mass murder and ethnic cleansing in my country, Ukraine.

US taxpayer $$$ will fund mass murder and ethnic cleansing in my country, Ukraine (reddit, Dec 19, 2014):

I’m a Ukrainian, and I never thought I would live to see the day when I say this- but the American government just passed a law authorizing it to give lethal aid to the government it itself installed in Ukraine in February to commit ethnic cleansing in Donbass and mass murder of internal dissidents opposed to its policies throughout Ukraine.

Primary source videos showing bloodthirsty brutality of the far-right US-installed Ukrainian regime:

[NSFL] Ukrainian army committing war crimes against civilians

[NSFL] Ethnic cleansing by Ukrainian army

[NSFL] Peaceful left-wing protesters demonstrating against ethnic cleansin burned alive along with their families by Ukrainian government

It’s kind of strange, because in the last five days of the bombing and shelling, we haven’t seen a single militia compound that has actually been hit. Every building that we’ve seen been hit by the Ukrainian mortars have been civilian buildings. We personally seen at least over 40 different civilian buildings bombed, that includes a school, an orphanage – we were in an orphanage the day before yesterday that was hit – and the very many large apartment buildings, like the very big apartment buildings have been hit . Some of the apartment buildings – it’s not like the Ukrainian army miss-aimed or something like this – the same buildings when they are bombed, they hit them very hard. We spoke to one woman who said that in the night a few days ago her apartment building was hit with ten different mortars.

V: Do you think they are targeting civilian buildings on purpose?

P: Well, if they are not targeting the civilian buildings, then I can’t see how incompetent someone can be as a military force or battalion. If they are not actually targeting the civilians…They are only hitting the civilians! Then it would be children playing with the mortars. I mean, children could possibly aim better than this, because they are not hitting any military buildings, they are just hitting the civilians.

Even towns and cities that have no rebels in them whatsoever are hit by Ukrainian artillery, killing men, women, children, and the elderly indiscriminately- in a deliberate campaign of violent depopulation. In other words- ethnic cleansing.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk: “We must clean our lands from subhumans

President Poroshenko: “Our children will go to school, their children will sit in basements. They are inferior- because of this we will win the war”

Andrey Biletsky, founder of the People’s Front (winner of 2014 parliamentary elections) and commander of the far-right Azov battallion:

The historic mission of our Nation in this watershed century is to lead the White Races of the world in the final crusade for their survival: a crusade against semite-led subhumanity… The task of the present generation is to create a Third Empire — Great Ukraine… If we are strong, we take what is ours by right and even more; we will build a Superpower-Empire…”

Right now in Ukraine, openly espousing leftist political views is literally a death sentence. Not just a death sentence, but a sentence to be brutally tortured before being murdered.

And this government is supplied with billions of dollars and heavy weaponry- including tanks, RPGs, and attack helicopters- by the United States!

Excellent article about the regime’s brutal repression of peaceful protesters

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  1. The results of Obama’s “lethal aid” begins.
    The US is proving itself a nation of killers and rogue leaders, a danger to the entire world. US leaders are destroying our country, and any other they touch.
    If there were a way to gain control of US media, and these truths shown, people would wake up.
    Instead, when the US dollar collapses, or some other form of non military attacks take hold, the fools who drink from the US Fountain of Oblivion might have to open their lazy eyes and look around……………………89% of Americans have computers………………the information is out there if they are interested. I use it, I cannot bear US lies and propaganda.


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