5 thoughts on “PoLiCe BRuTaLiTY IN AMeRiKa: SaY ALL You WaNT …”

  1. Apart from the fact that there is most definitely a new agenda, far worse than the old 1980’s zero tolerance, the only conclusion I can come to after seeing this is that these sick coppers have been primed to stir up feelings to a boiling point, and keep it there pending some trigger.
    For what?
    The only logical reasoning leads to joining the dots using food and water shortages, no jobs, increased costs of living, racial tension, corruption, and the exponential growth of dumb police aggression, all ingredients for a beautiful soup called civil unrest, leading to the martial law we all fear is next.
    Projecting logic, tied with the now proven existence of FEMA camps, and National Guard riot training, it seems to my simple mind that anyone currently cocking a snoop at these brainless cops is a dead man, especially if he’s black.
    We don’t know if the killing was a “Dirty Harry” cleansing, but the frequency is disturbing.



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