Swiss National Bank Admits Directly Buying Small-Cap Stocks

Swiss National Bank Admits Directly Buying Small-Cap Stocks (ZeroHedge, Nov 14,  2014):

While we have noted previously that a cluster of central banking investors has become major players on world equity markets,” and the BoJ has recently tripled its direct manipulative buying of stocks (after buying a record amount in August)… the conspiracy-theorist-dismissers will have to close their eyes and ears as the Swiss National Bank admits in its 2013 annual report that it greatly expanded its share of foreign stocks purchased… most notably small-cap companies.

Maybe it is time to reign in the SNB with the Gold Initiative?


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So does anyone still think the Fed does not do this?

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  1. This is really bad news, especially for the Swiss people, the newest members to BRICS…..this is akin to gambling, and banks ought to be prohibited from doing it. I see US banks buying stupid Apple stock, they are insane, such stock cannot continue at their present rate……..the market is 90% inflated thanks to high frequency skim and sell transactions………at some point, the truth will come out, and the market will “correct”, and it will not be only a few points…….it will be worse than 2007-08.
    Banks all over the world are making the same mistakes……they have no money on deposit, and it is all going to come tumbling down.


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