Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events In Weeks Before 9/11 (Video)


George Bushs younger brother, Marvin Bush, was the Director of Securacom, the company that provided electronic security for both the World Trade Center and Washington Dulles Airport (where Flight 77 took off) on 9/11. George Bushs cousin, Wirt D. Walker III, was CEO of this company from 1999 to 2002.

Securacom had an $8.3 million contract from 1996-2002 to install a new security system. Scott Forbes, a Senior Database Administrator for Fiduciary Trust, reports unprecedented power-downs for the whole weekend prior to 9/11. William Rodriguez, the 9/11 Last Survivor, explains that the security doors were left wide open for anyone to go in or out, and the security cameras were turned off.

People reported seeing men in overalls carrying huge toolboxes and long wheels of cables. The explanation was that internet cables were being upgraded. Ben Fountain, a financial analyst, reported numerous unusual evacuations in weeks before 9/11. What were they really doing?

When the Towers were built, the steel beams were sprayed with fire-proof asbestos. Learning of the new health dangers, the asbestos was expected to be removed from every beam. This was almost undoable. Estimates for the cost of doing this were over a billion dollars.

1 thought on “Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events In Weeks Before 9/11 (Video)

  1. This information certainly validates the thoughts and ideas of many of us. When I saw the building go down, they appeared wired to collapse inward, just as they wire big building to collapse when they take them down. This is far more effective and safe than a wrecking ball.

    I think this validates many of us. There is no other way the first building could not have come down without leaning and hurting far more other buildings.

    This is such a strong example of the corruption that now rules in America……..my first impression before hearing the lies was that the buildings were wired to go down………

    How depressing. Killed 3000 people, and many more jobs……..how awful, how corrupt…….how downright evil. I feel nauseated, if I had eaten, I would lose the food………I cannot express how upsetting this information is, inside deals and inside trading. I truly feel sickened, I don’t have words………………

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