FBI Raids Federal Contractor’s Home – Has the Government Identified The ‘Second Leaker’?

FBI Raids Federal Contractor’s Home – Has the Government Identified the “Second Leaker”? (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Oct 27, 2014):

Anyone who has been following Edward Snowden’s heroic whistleblowing, and the reporting of Glenn Greenwald on the classified documents that prove egregious violations of the United States Constitution by the NSA, will also be aware of speculation that a “second leaker” had emerged earlier this year. It appears this person may have been identified by the FBI.

Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff reports that:

The FBI has identified an employee of a federal contracting firm suspected of being the so-called “second leaker” who turned over sensitive documents about the U.S. government’s terrorist watch list to a journalist closely associated with ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, according to law enforcement and intelligence sources who have been briefed on the case.

The FBI recently executed a search of the suspect’s home, and federal prosecutors in Northern Virginia have opened up a criminal investigation into the matter, the sources said.

Marc Raimondi, a spokesman for the Justice Department, declined to comment on the investigation into the watch-list leak, citing department rules involving pending cases.

The case in question involves an Aug. 5 story published by The Intercept, an investigative website co-founded by Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who first published sensitive NSA documents obtained from Snowden.

The story, co-authored by Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux, was accompanied by a document “obtained from a source in the intelligence community” providing details about the watch-listing system that were dated as late as August 2013, months after Snowden fled to Hong Kong and revealed himself as the leaker of thousands of top secret documents from the NSA.

This prompted immediate speculation that there was a “second leaker” inside the U.S. intelligence community providing material to Greenwald and his associates.

That point is highlighted in the last scene of the new documentary about Snowden released this weekend, called “Citizenfour,” directed by filmmaker Laura Poitras, a co-founder with Greenwald and Scahill of The Intercept.

Greenwald tells a visibly excited Snowden about a new source inside the U.S. intelligence community who is leaking documents. Greenwald then scribbles notes to Snowden about some of the details, including one briefly seen about the U.S. drone program and another containing a reference to the number of Americans on the watch list.

During Obama’s first five years as president, the Justice Department and the U.S. military brought seven criminal prosecutions for national security leaks — more than twice as many as all previous presidents put together.

May as well add another to the list, right Barry?

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Michael Krieger

1 thought on “FBI Raids Federal Contractor’s Home – Has the Government Identified The ‘Second Leaker’?”

  1. The US has become a rogue nation to much of the world.
    The insider ought to have left the country as soon as the government (Gestapo) started nosing around for a second helper…….it is obvious that person will vanish, and never be identified or seen again. We have a government against the people, by the corporations for the corporations.
    This has become a dreadful place to live.
    Germany, 1939, is back upon us….except we are now Germany.
    The propaganda is highly polished and professionally designed by psychologists and social engineers…….those who intend to control the people. I noted here on an earlier post, I scanned through the so-called cable news channels, they are as moving and colorful as cartoons for children. They were selling fear (Ebola) working people up for the false elections that mean nothing, and the FED ended QE. Nothing of any truth is transmitted by the corporate media. This story will be brushed over and dropped except to call the person a traitor. They work up hatred every damn week. One week, it was Putin (he outsmarted them), next week, “ISIS is gonna git ya” fear and hatred,…….it is endless, lethal propaganda. Every channel covers the same trash.

    This nation rose so quickly, and fell so fast. We are about finished, and the militarized police in every town tells me somebody in power knows it.

    They even have channels for babies, I am not kidding. My service has two channels for infants……….

    I am curious to know how many Americans are on prescription drugs……we live in an Orwellian nightmare. The public schools now decide if a child ought to be on drugs, if the parents refuse, they expel the child. When my daughter was in school, they wanted to drug her, I said no. Back then, I had the say, that is no longer the case. A doped down populace won’t pay mind to the horrors done by their leaders. They are unaware and oblivious.

    The way this government hunts down truth tellers and whistle blowers would have had people of my generation in the streets. But, we are dying off, my brother died yesterday, he was in his sixties………Fukushima is doing it’s damage (he lived in Palo Alto, I live on the coast north of him) and nobody is saying a word. Our fish are all dead, animals are dying young, people are dying sooner, but nary a word about why.

    We are in the grip of a lethal dictatorship. The fools in power and the populace are too greedy and apathetic to care. Puts me in mind of a recent documentary on Pompeii. There was a very rich man who had a cellar that did hold, it did not collapse under the weight of volcanic ash like everything else. In there were 72 people. The man had a seal indicating his great importance in Rome. All the other bodies were intact skeletons, but all were grasping jewels and gold, none held another person. Buried alive, and still their stuff was more important than anyone else. This is what greed does. It kills the humanity in us, so no matter what, money first, stuff second, people last. Once it has permeated the culture, there is no hope for it. And, like the people on Pompeii, it has a stronger hold on Americans, than abstract things like free speech.


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