Dow Jones Drops 1500 Points In 3 Weeks, Nasdaq Enters ‘Correction’ As VIX Breaks 30

Dow Drops 1500 Points In 3 Weeks, Nasdaq Enters ‘Correction’ As VIX Breaks 30 (ZeroHedge, Oct 15, 2014):

From 17,350 intraday highs “proving the recovery is here,” we are 1500 points down just 3 weeks later. The Nasdaq just fell 10.5% from its highs, officially in correction. VIX broke above 30. Perhaps, just perhaps, the gap to fundamentals is finally about to be filled…

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Did Today’s ‘Satan Signal’ In S&P Futures Give The ‘All-Clear’ For Selling To Begin? (ZeroHedge, Oct 9, 2014):

… “someone” canceled-and-replaced orders for 666 contracts 26 times in the 1130ET to 1200ET period …

1 thought on “Dow Jones Drops 1500 Points In 3 Weeks, Nasdaq Enters ‘Correction’ As VIX Breaks 30”

  1. Please spare me the 666 stuff……

    But, every point on the Dow stands for a billion dollars, 1500 points means $1.5 trillion lost. The US supposedly earns about $14 trillion a year……

    Talked to a couple of friends still in the stock market…….they are sitting, not acting. The only action is from greedy gut High Frequency skim and sell, and those selling off to meet the margin calls.

    It used to be one could not margin stocks to 90% of their face value, the maximum was 50%. Now, it is 90% again, just as it was before 1929. Even worse, they buy stock with the margin funds, then margin those………the bigger the account, the more they can steal………and much of the $1.5 trillion loss was covering the bad debts before they got caught.

    If the downward cycle continues, the market will contract accordingly. The problem, as it was in 2007, is debt. Since nothing was done to repair the problem in 2008, it is far worse now. In 2007, we had lots of foreign investment, today, we have nearly none.

    In 2008, 100% of all international trades were completed in dollars. Today, 67% of the world economy no longer uses the dollar…….down to 33% from 100%. Why? Nothing was done, and the crooks stayed in power. No investigations, no trials, no new laws with any teeth. The market is so crooked, nobody will trust it any longer. This is now costing us. Trust, once lost, is very difficult to regain, and nobody with any brains trusts the US.

    The US and the EU are tied together financially, and they are not in good shape, either.
    The UK has a debt level of 464% to GDP
    France has a debt level of 262% to GDP
    Germany (the so called EU leader) owes 218% to GDP
    Greece, one of the weaker members, owes 289% to GDP (probably lying)
    Ireland is one of the worst! It owes 1063% to GDP.
    Italy has a debt level of 173% to GDP
    Portugal has a debt level of 288% to GDP
    Spain owes 236% to GDP

    Throwing out Ireland’s figures, the average is 275%. The US has the best at 100%, and that is a really bad figure. This is why the banks are shutting off the taps.
    I was able to find a few figures from other nations that do business with BRICS.
    Argentina: 16% to GDP. They need work, but they have room to work and grow
    Brazil: 25% debt to GDP
    India: 25% debt to GDP
    Mexico: 27% debt to GDP
    Russia: 33% debt to GDP

    There are many more such nations that have joined with Putin’s basket of currencies, but this ought to give an idea why they are ascending, and we are falling like a stone. We have idiots in charge that we cannot get rid of, and they have key people in power.

    Putin is living proof why history is made by men, not by gaggles of fools.
    The US owes 100% to GDP. That means every cent that comes in is owed to someone else, the US has not one dollar to call it’s own. For a single individual, that would signify being broke.


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