60 People Locked In Building After 4 Suspected Ebola Cases Near Paris

60 People Locked In Building After 4 Suspected Ebola Cases Near Paris (ZeroHedge, Oct 09, 2014):

UPDATE: Nevache confirmed that the “suspicion was over” and the people were allowed to leave

Following news of the death of a British man in Macedonia from Ebola, RTL reports that 60 people are locked inside a Department of Medical and Social Coordination (DASS) building in Cergy-Pontoise (on the northeast edge of Paris) following Ebola-like symptoms in 4 people who returned from Guinea.

3 thoughts on “60 People Locked In Building After 4 Suspected Ebola Cases Near Paris

  1. Or read about the Spanish Flu that broke out in 1919 after WWI. There is something about an invisible force, such as radioactivity, that once the people become fully aware of its power………they go mad with fear. Locking people in buildings is just the beginning.

    A man I used to know often said “the veneer of civilization is very thin”, and the beginnings of the Ebola fear is already showing that……and we are in the early stages.

    There are so many things coming down at once. Last night, when talking with a friend, I told him Putin has essentially isolated the US and the EU financially from the rest of the world. Russia, China, India, Brazil and Africa are all doing well…….they are trading with each other, BRICS fund is putting out loans to smaller nations who want to join with them and avoid US financial domination…….they are doing fine….it is just the US and the EU who are hurting because they are isolated financially from the rest of the world thanks to the insane behavior of our fool leaders.

    I heard the financial talking heads talking today because the market is going down more than up, and they are admitting how dependent we are on the EU, and the EU is mired in debt and reliance on exports……..and it is hurting the US who has been depending on them.

    Add Ebola into the mix……and you have social breakdown.
    It is no longer months, friends, it could happen within weeks.

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