DVR PM Zakharchenko: Ukraine National Guard Takes People Apart For Organ Trafficking

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Original article:

У тел, найденных под Донецком, удалены внутренние органы, сообщил премьер-министр ДНР Александр Захарченко

Article in German:

Zakharchenko : Die Nationalgarde nimmt Menschen für den Organhandel auseinander. (donbassfront, Sep 25, 2014)

Google translation (from the German article, because it makes more sense):

The National Guard takes people apart for organ trafficking:

“The bodies found near Donetsk missing internal organs” – so DVR Prime Minister Aleksandr Zakharchenko

“In a study of mass funerals of civilians that were discovered after the withdrawal of Ukrainian army, it has been found that, for a large number of bodies lack the internal organs Until now you could see the circumstances under which the organ harvesting was performed not determine.” – told Zakharchenko.

“I have personally seen two such cases: the chest had been cut open and ripped open the belly that can either have been a surgery, or a battle injury, but we are in own information that the National Guard prisoners and even their own wounded for organ trafficking.. “cannibalized” “.

Clarity is hoped that further medical examinations. This design is, according to the prime minister, due to the very poor condition of the corpses extremely difficult and could take a long time to complete.

Overall, on the formerly controlled by the army territory ukrainischern Mass burials with four civilians and six soldiers discovered with Ukrainian. Zakharchenko is sure that you will find many such graves at Gorlivka, Starobeschevo, Telmanovo and other localities.
“Not all mass graves can be found Some are well hidden, some vermient The overall picture is the same everywhere: lack ferent heads, gunshot wounds, chopped off body parts..” – Said the Prime Minister.

In July appeared information that the commander of the volunteer battalion “Donbass” Semen Semenchenko and the lawyer of Yulia Tymoshenko Sergei Vlasenko are involved in organ trafficking. 691.html

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