The Zionist Moles of the Malaysian Airlines Crash Hoax

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The Zionist Moles of the Malaysian Airlines Crash Hoax (NODISINFO, March 30, 2014):

The Zionist Moles of the Malaysian Airlines Crash Hoax

There was no flight in existence known as Malaysian Airlines MH370. It simply didn’t take off on March 8. That means that there were no passengers or crew. It means there are no real grieving relatives. It also means there is no wreckage. Nor did the plane land anywhere else, like Diego Garcia. Nor was it stolen or hijacked. It didn’t exist. How could it land somewhere else or be stolen/hijacked?

All such claims are disinformation. The important issue, though, is the claims for the existence of real passengers, including any claims for people flying on stolen passports. All such claims are made and endorsed by the Zionist-controlled media.

In this regard certain crisis actors must be hired, that is to fake it as aggrieved and/or shocked relatives. The fake passengers themselves are crisis actors. In this regard a number of these phonies are Zionist agents, known, here, as Zionist moles.

A Zionist mole is defined, here, as consisting of any Zionist Jew who maliciously and purposely plots against the people on behalf of the Zionist entity. Such a person could equally be deemed a “Mossad mole.” A Zionist and/or Mossad mole may also be defined as any such person who specifically and through premeditation foments plots to serve the diabolical aims of world Jewry, even if they are not technically Jewish.

As a rule a Mossad agent is anyone who on behalf of the Zionist strip and/or world Jewry spreads great corruption in the land on the basis of its motto, “Through Deception Thou Shalt Commit War.” That also includes those who create the basis, through false premises, for the rumbling of war. Using such definitions it becomes clear that in regard to the Malaysian Airlines crash hoax, this was strictly an act by this wicked, scheming agency.

Motive describes all in false flag events. To go to that extent there must always be a motive, that is plot. The Malyasian Airlines Disappearance, then Crash, Hoax is no exception.

Motive can be proven by carefully analysis the key perpetrators, their heritage, denomination, and political bend.

Mole #1: Christian Kozel

1 thought on “The Zionist Moles of the Malaysian Airlines Crash Hoax”

  1. I’m confused.

    Officially all details relating to MH17 have been classified, which means nobody will be able to glean information for 30 years……….WHY?

    Because it was a set up which went wrong.

    Going back, we were told the bodies at MH17 were decomposed.

    Jim Stone maintained MH17 was officially cancelled.

    A twin of MH370 was discovered in israel at a Mossad base before MH17 crashes

    MH370 was never found. For the first time in history the “black box” failed!!!

    So, we’re there really any passengers on either plane, and if so were they just another bunch of sacrificial pawns in this disgusting game of political chess being played out by the U.S. secret service to trigger war?

    Evidence points to it, but Joe Public is now more concerned with the next cull……..EBOLA


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