Stunning Drone Clip Reveals Massive Size Of Hong Kong Protest

Stunning Drone Clip Reveals Massive Size Of Hong Kong Protest (ZeroHedge, Sep 29, 2014):

Ferguson was for amateurs.

For those curious why the Hong Kong protests over the weekend have sent shivers across the world’s capital markets, pushed the Hang Seng 2% lower, and impacted both European and US futures, not to mention leading to worries that China may get involved any second and result in another Tiananmen square event, the following clip from HK’s Apple Daily, taken by a drone, shows just how massive the demonstrations, which according to some estimates involved just why of 100,000 people, taking place in Hong Kong are.

As Mashable adds, “far from a small protest by a limited number of outspoken citizens, the video shows just how large the movement to preserve Hong Kong’s democratic elections has become. Currently, the protests have grown so large that parts of Hong Kong’s business district have been brought to a standstill, prompting the temporary closure of 17 local banks. In addition to the drone footage, Apple Daily has also posted a live video stream of the protests, allowing the world to watch as events develop in real time.”

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  1. And there you have it. Together with the China Houing Bubble burst, it is a Zion-Bankster engineered plot to destabilise the Chinese Economy and punish them for the abandonment of the Petrodollar in favour of setting up to form the BRICS.

    The Chinks will be aware of this, as will Vlad, and the EU will be made to pay this winter, while it’s quite likely what is left of the US final assembly of Chinese made parts, could hit a supply brick wall.

    A war of economic attrition. Interesting.


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