Europe Goes ‘All In’: Will Sanction Gazprom, Rosneft And Transneft


Europe Goes “All In”: Will Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft (ZeroHedge, Sep 7, 2014):

Until this moment, the main reason why everyone mostly dismissed Europe’s sanctions against Russia is that despite all its pompous rhetoric, Europe consistently refused to hit Russia where it would hurt: its energy titans Gazprom, Rosneft And Transfneft. The reason is simple: by imposing sanctions on these core energy exporters, Europe would directly threaten the stability of its own energy imports (Russia accounts for up to 30% of German gas imports), and as winter approaches with every passing day, playing with the energy status quo would seem like economic suicide. This all appears to have changed last Friday, when as the FT reports from a leaked copy, Europe’s latest sanctions round will boldly go where Europe has never dared to go before, and impose sanctions on the big three: Rosneft, Gazprom Neft and Transneft.

This is what is known in game theory terms as a major defection round.

It also means that suddenly the stakes for Russia, and thus Europe, just got all too real, as Putin will now have no choice but to really ramp up the retaliatory escalation, which following the food ban can only mean one thing: a staggered reduction in gas flow to Europe.

dependence on russia

It also means something else: recall that it was just ten days ago when we reported that Gazprom would begins accepting payment for oil in Ruble and Yuan.

If today’s news is confirmed, Europe’s dramatic shift in sanctions strategy means that Europe’s embargo of both the US Dollar and the Euro will accelerate as Russia further intensifies its shift away from both the west and the petrodollar. The only and clear winner here: China, which will almost certainly step in to provide the funding Russia needs however on Beijing’s terms in effect making the symbiotic link between Russia and China even stronger, forcing Moscow to rely almost exclusively on China for trade and funding relations, and suddenly give Xi Jinping all the trump cards.

What China’s president will do, now that he has all the leverage in the world to call shots both to the West, the East, and of course, Africa, remains unknown, although those thousands of tons of gold imports that mysteriously enter the country and are never heard from again, may provide a hint.

4 thoughts on “Europe Goes ‘All In’: Will Sanction Gazprom, Rosneft And Transneft”

  1. Congrats to all our leaders on this brilliant plan. Where is Europe going to get its gas from now? Oh yeah, American shale gas. So when we run out of it like the rest of the western powers we will be stuck by the balls paying whatever Russia and China and Iran decide!!!! Basically they will run the world and we will be on the back burner like the idiots we are!!
    Good job guys, way to really think it through. At least we still have the IRS strong arming the american people though. I’m sure we can squeeze more life out of the middle class that’s already on life support. Yet you still wonder why so many Americans are leaving the country or siding with the enemy? You will never understand because your biggest prob is where to spend your next 40 million……….

  2. If Europe does go through with this absurd plan, it will be forced into a deep depression. Not only will they be without sufficient heating fuel (I don’t think shale oil can be easily converted to gas) , access to it will be difficult. Also, trade with Russia gained the Eurozone E120 Billion a year……
    This is beyond absurd, this is suicide for the EU, and also, the rest of the west.

  3. Such a move has no logic in it whatsoever if the facts as we know them are correct. Only a complete idiot would do that to their own populace.

    Of course, the facts behind it may be hidden, in which case, we must wait and see.

    The liar Bliar, in his last year signed up to have 70% of UK gas needs from Norway, who have a massive pumping station at Nyhamma.

  4. To Squodgy and James:

    Our leaders have all stopped working in our best interests. It is all about the money for the greedy gut people behind the scenes who finance them into office……Check out the Patriot Act, NSA Spying act or NDAA if you have any doubts about the US leaders…….it has become official and legal these creeps serve corporations, not the people.

    Our unemployment and underemployment now exceeds 150 million people. 100 million working age Americans are unemployed…..this is out of a total population of 335 million. In response, they pass Citizens United two……..

    Our leaders do not work for the people, they view us as the enemy. If the UK cannot stop this insanity, we are in trouble. You have a parliamentary system there, Squodgy, you can throw out the bad apples. With a republic, they breed like fleas…….

    This sickens me. In the meantime, US cities are going bankrupt, homelessness is everywhere, along with despair. One in three US children attending school are homeless………………it is a frigging nightmare. But, not one cent to help these people, not one effort to build jobs… is a nightmare. The greedy corporations hire convicts at seventy five cents an hour, and the government gives them big tax deals for using convicts……it is cheaper than Chinese slave labor……..

    Meanwhile, Japan churns out radioactivity, our sea lions are sick, their internal organs are falling down……the Pacific Ocean, the source of 50% of the world’s oxygen, is dead…….we got 1% of the normal salmon run, we cannot eat from the ocean.

    We are facing disasters such as we have never seen… is much like the Romans when they first saw Pompeii, they had never seen one before, and thousands died. This is far worse, because after it finishes the Pacific, it will go on. It has already destroyed our crops and water…..they are too dangerous to eat. It is in our beef now……birds are now infected…….85 years after the splitting of the atom, we face our own demise.

    Our leaders say and do nothing about it. Just seek more corporate enriching wars. We face our own extinction, and the fools in power do nothing but wage war on Russia (they will not win) and do all they can to enrich the evil at the cost of the rest of us. I see why certain truths must be kept from the masses, Einstein should have kept his mouth shut……such abilities should have been kept secret. Look what they have done with it…..nothing of any value, just to destroy. Cheap energy is the biggest scam of it all.


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