South Korea Returns 20 Tons Of Radioactive Japan Seafood

South Korea Returns 20 Tons Of Radioactive Japan Seafood

–    S. Korea returned 20 t of Japanese marine products for Cs-134/137 contamination / Not from Fukushima area (Fukushima Diary, Aug 23, 2014):

On 8/21/2014, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries of South Korea announced they retuned 20 t of Japanese marine products from January to July in 2014.

The specific reading was not published, but the ministry comments they detected Cs-134/137 from the returned products.

S. Korea banned imports from Fukushima prefecture and 7 adjacent prefectures last September, so this 20 t of returned marine products are not from the main contaminated regions in Japan. They announce it was 20 t of 9,300 t marine products in total.

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3 thoughts on “South Korea Returns 20 Tons Of Radioactive Japan Seafood”

  1. No surprise to me. I am amazed anyone would accept anything from Japan. Nations like Poland won’t accept anything from Japan, the radioactive levels are too high.
    They are killing us here in the west……..and nothing can be done to stop it………they let it go too long. If they had responded like Russia did in the early 1980s when they had a disaster, they filled it with concrete, and emptied the area of people. These clowns are still running a couple of the reactors…..they ought to be facing the world court for genocide.
    But, we have no world court, all decency and honor is gone.

  2. Give it to TEPCO. They say its safe. Its still OK to send it to North America. We NEVER test. Wouldn’t want to have a corporation miss a buck.


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