Flashback: The Pacific Is Broken

The Pacific Is Broken: ‘After We Left Japan, It Felt As If The Ocean itself Was Dead’ – ‘I’m Used To Seeing Turtles, Dolphins, Sharks And Big Flurries Of Feeding Birds’ – ‘But This Time For 3000 Nautical Miles There Was Nothing Alive To Be Seen’

1 thought on “Flashback: The Pacific Is Broken”

  1. Those of us on the west coast don’t need a flashback. The Pacific is dead. Big sea creatures are now trapped in our San Francisco Bay, one third of their normal weight, starving, gasping for oxygen……
    The Pacific is the world’s largest ocean, providing 50% of the entire world’s oxygen. How are we to overcome that?
    Answer: we cannot. Our corrupt leaders won’t even try, they say nothing.
    Articles come out about Japan’s sorry state, not one word about the real reason…..Fukushima.
    Idiots in power lead to destruction, that is what we have. I am tired of the entire lying process……..the human race faces total extinction, not in 30 years, 20 years or even 10…….but now.
    But, Japan puts those who refer to Fukushima in prison.
    US corporate media won’t allow any mention of it, either.
    The mindlessness of it all makes me sick.


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