Fukushima Much Worse Than A Nuclear War (Video)


Aug 11, 2014


I,m so sick of nuclear apologist and their moronic desperate attempts to hide the carnage of fukushima , they are no less than real life mass murdering monsters who have to hide away in the dark afraid of their own shadows slashing away at all life .

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  1. His video, although choppy covered some points I had not thought of……the death of insects and snails. This situation has destroyed the food chain at every level. The soil is destroyed, the insects that pollinate are dying in droves…….without food or water, we cannot survive.
    His anger towards elites is understandable, but I see no solution; elites, middle and bottom people will all die, we face our own extinction.

    I agree if the word gets out and enough people pay attention perhaps something could be done…..at least relocate some of these poor animals perishing in the dying ocean.

    As he put it, even if Fukushima were fixed today, the ocean will still die. 200 Kilometers without seeing an insect is shocking. Even worse were the lack of all the sea animals we are used to seeing at low tide. With nothing there, there is no food being generated. Without food, no animal from the sea, or land can survive.

    As one who lives on the west coast, I share his horror. He is correct, a fake pandemic of Ebola won’t cut it, people know the difference between air generated and body fluid generated diseases……..you cannot fool them with Ebola. He might be right, I see it as a fear game, also, but am not sure it is to mask Fukushima as much as it is to mask the reviving of the Iraq war. Bureaucrats and corporate people think in the short term, not the long. They are not considering Fukushima, they listen to the news they are told to watch, and know nothing about what is happening.

    Even those who are high up enough to know what Fukushima is causing are too corrupt to fight against the status quo. All of them are owned and controlled by corporate interests. Corporations don’t care how many people die.

    Remember BP Oil? They would not allow the press out there, and the US government allowed them to get away with it. Reporters who tried to get a story could not get them published……..this is a problem far more deeply rooted than Fukushima……it has become inherent in the US system, and it is why the nation is collapsing.

    His delusion that once people find out something will change is just that, a delusion. People don’t want to know…..and therein lies the problem. People want pretty lies, not bitter truths, even if their lives depend upon it.
    Nothing will be done because of this built in weakness in man. Soon, the entire planet will be uninhabitable for humans, animals, fish or insects. All life as we know it will be destroyed.

    It won’t be in 20-30 years, it is happening right now.
    Suicide is the only sane solution, and many more people will see it as such. The mindless will continue watching Hillbilly stories and cooking shows until they die of radioactive poisons or the propaganda system breaks down with a broken communication system.

    I would like to hear from an engineer. Will the radioactive energy interfere with propaganda stations, the Internet, TV and the like? I think there is a strong possibility of that, but would like to hear from someone who knows.

    Thanks for keeping this story front and center. CA is dying, and all the fools who continue to support their underwater mortgages, ETC seem totally oblivious to this truth. CA will be unlivable in a very short time. I think it will be only a couple of years at the most.

  2. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/352/112/859/radioactive-tokyo-resign-as-host-of-2020-olympics/

    Please sign this and disseminate. Dr. Shigeru Mita moved his family’s 50 year old clinic out of Tokyo because it’s too contaminated from Fukushima. He says many people are sick, the white blood cell count of children is half of what it should be, and it’s getting worse. He feels Tokyo should be evacuated.

    TEPCO has not been able to contain the radioactive groundwater, which connects with the Tokyo aquifer. Periodic releases of radioactive material into the air spread all over norther Japan, including Tokyo.

    It’s criminal to bring young athletes and their fans to Tokyo in 2020. Please sign and disseminate

    Thank you,

    Carol S. Wolman, MD


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