Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks, Trading Halted

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted (ZeroHedge, July 30, 2014):

No reasons given but Moscow Stock Exchange has just suspended trading with no reasons specified…


One can’t help but wonder if this is another ‘sanction’ that was not officially described by President Obama and Jack Lew…


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  1. I cannot find anything on, but I sincerely doubt the US has much to do with it and I will state why.

    I worked for many years as a contract, or retain search specialist for other search firms, and large corporations. I used to go on site and I saw and learned a lot about the greedy corporations and their China agreements.

    A safety Quality Engineer could command a yearly salary of $85K in the US, $3-5K a year in China. The Chinese, in order to grow, undercut our workers on every level. Thank the Clintons for all the trade protections being destroyed. Nobody since did a damn thing to repair them, thus we are a shell today. We have been gutted.

    Back to the China deal: All greedy corporations could move MFG to China and get virtual slave labor in exchange for all their technology. GE even gave them power plant, all. Autos gave their blueprints, Semiconductors gave their technology……all corporations with interests in China gave China their technology in return. I used to ask some of the hiring managers why they were practicing such short thinking, giving away all their specialties. They had no say.

    When Putin threw all the foreign automakers out last week, he didn’t include China. Cherry Motors in China has already been building Chinese copies of every auto we ever developed…..China will provide Russians their limos….ETC.

    My guess is that this could be a glitch, we have seen several in the US, or Putin is stepping in and taking over a lot of industries for the state. That would not be out of character for the Napoleonic Russian leader. A stock market being halted can mean many things.

    They could be cleaning it up, as the US never did for its once sterling markets…..we have to wait and see.

    If any US citizen or media talking head ascribes this to the impotent sanctions on nations that dumped the dollar years ago is either lying or delusional…….like the US leaders appear to be.

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      I’ve checked the link to ZeroHedge and it is OK & the article is still there.

      Maybe the site was offline for a while?

      I’ve added the graph.

      Infinite Unknown

  2. I cannot find one other story to verify this one. I checked all the financial websites I know,, UK Guardian, and some others. Many claim US sanctions are hurting Russia…….those are lies.
    Business as usual…….they don’t care, they just lie.
    They say the US economy is booming.
    Isn’t that wonderful? Maybe it will reach the people someday…….

  3. It is on RT, & The Guardian.

    It’s up again, and they say it’s a ‘glitch’.

    Which, in logic parlance means a STUXNET.


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