Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: ‘This Won’t End Pretty’

Martin Armstrong Warns Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: “This Won’t End Pretty” (ZeroHedge, June 28, 2014):

Submitted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics,

Russell Brand

The greatest problem we have is misinformation. People simply do not comprehend why and how the economic policies of the post-war era are imploding. This whole agenda of socialism has sold a Utopian idea that the State is there for the people yet it is run by lawyers following their own self-interest. The pensions created for those in government drive the cost of government up exponentially with time. The political forces blame the rich and this merely creates a class warfare with no resolution for the future. Even confiscating all the wealth of the so-called rich will not sustain the system. Consequently, we just have to crash and burn and start all over again.

The Guardian reported that some 50,000 people marched in London to protest against austerity. They cried: “Who is really responsible for the mess this country is in? Is it the Polish fruit pickers or the Nigerian nurses? Or is it the bankers who plunged it into economic disaster – or the tax avoiders? It is selective anger.”

The exploitation by the bankers has been really a disaster. They have been their own worst enemy and in the end, they have become the symbol that inspires class warfare if not revolution. They are not the representatives of those who produce jobs. They are merely those who wanted to trade with other people’s money for free. When they win, it is their’s, but any losses are passed to the taxpayers. Bankers should be bankers – not hedge fund managers who keep 100% of the profits using other people’s savings.


The repeal of Glass Steagall was the final straw that broke the back of the world economy. That was the single worst act that could have ever been done and we are now paying the price in spades. The collapse from 2007 has wiped out even the liquidity of the markets. The second worst act was the creation of the euro when the real goal was the federalization of Europe from the outset. That undermined the entire European banking system and has led to a serious undermining of the entire global economy.

The solutions from politics will always be the same – grab more power. We are in a downward spiral of liberty and how far we go down this path to the future will be determined by the people and if they at least wise up and see this is not class warfare, it is the people against government. This is why I say career politicians are dangerous for they can be bought way too easily as Clinton was to open the flood gates for the bankers.

This is not going to end pretty. The question is when does society wake up? Just how high will this price be that we have to pay? They will blame the rich and the idiots will cheer – get them. What will happen when there is no more wealth to hunt? We end up with a communist state by default – no wealth, just career politicians who blame everyone but themselves.

5 thoughts on “Civil Unrest Is Rising Everywhere: ‘This Won’t End Pretty’”

  1. Nothing ends pretty.
    It ends or it does not……if it does not, it’s end is even worse than we thought it could be……….
    Trust nobody.

  2. Selective anger is a tool of highly developed propaganda. It was Hitler who said to give man only one common enemy, to give him more, just provides more confusion with no clear purpose in mind.
    One common enemy keeps things simple, regardless of how foolish.
    To say one absurd thing again and again is surely to get the message across. Too much more only provide chaos.
    We live in a complex world, thanks to the foolish lies we are fed every day.
    I remember one German woman saying it must be true or everyone would not be saying it. Who says?
    If the radio, TV or computer says it again and again, it has to be true. otherwise, nobody would listen.
    Such absurd non-reasoning is used daily, and most fools listen with interest.
    If mankind were to go back in time, I would only wish he would go back to the days before radio, TV, computer, ETC.
    Now, if one turns on the talking Oracle, it all covers the same inane lies at the same time……..pity mankind is so stupid.

  3. I wear my new T shirt with pride and wherever I go, the knowing nod & smile of approval says it all, it simply says….



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