2 thoughts on “Lies My President Told Me (Video)”

  1. Habeas corpus never passed his lips once he became president. As for protecting the constitution, his part of NDAA violated it’s most sacred part, allowing the military to sweep up US citizens, at home or abroad, and lock them away for years without any charges or due process.
    That was in direct defiance of our founders, and he used his specialized knowledge of the constitution to destroy it. It won’t be re-established, rights once gone are never recovered without a struggle, and even then, there is no guarantee of going back to the original document.

  2. Yes, it IS too late, but from my U.S. contacts, both D & R, based on the info I feed them which they haven’t got the brains or will to find for themselves, and which they have aggressively defended, there is definitely a more subdued response as I update them.
    The writing is most certainly on the wall, and believe it or not, the yanks are waking up to the reality their country has been hijacked.
    The next two years will be interesting.


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