1 thought on “Oregon Officials Warn of ‘E. coli In Tap Water’, Biggest Alert In Portland History!”

  1. Anyone who is from OR and reads this, please be careful. I had it in 2006 from eating raw spinach from a bag of so-called washed spinach……I was horribly sick for a month. I could not eat until I got home at night, I had to be close to a restroom………the pain and sickness is awful. It took over a month before I recovered.
    Boil any water you cook in, drink only bottled water, and soak all vegetables and fruit for at least 20 minutes in cooled boiled water before eating.
    I do this now with all fruit and vegetables, it isn’t safe to eat. People urinate where the food is picked…….they don’t care, and God only knows what chemicals are put into the planting soil.
    E coli is very vicious and painful. Don’t drink tap water, whatever you do! Use bottled water for coffee and tea….it isn’t worth the illness to save a few cents. It comes from bodily waste, and they don’t pay the pickers enough for them to respect the food. If it has gotten into your water, there is a leak someplace in the piping.
    God bless and be careful.


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