Civil War Looms As Fighting Rages In Eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

Civil war looms as fighting rages in eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES (RT, Updated April 24, 2014)

1 thought on “Civil War Looms As Fighting Rages In Eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES”

  1. Obama’s revenge for not allowing him to invade Syria. He is one vengeful MF……and he is truly a dangerous Manchurian candidate who was dropped upon us, and we were suckered into it. He was made editor of the Harvard Review without ever submitting a single paper for publication. He was planted years ago……..we are really screwed.
    He has destroyed the constitution, set the Patriot Act into stone with NDAA. His pet part of NDAA even the rotten congress threw out was put back in. The courts threw it out, he found a corrupt judge to go along. Now it is in, and any civilian can be grabbed by the military and locked away for years without charges or due process. We are a baby step away from military dictatorship……this is in direct conflict with the founders of the US constitution who had suffered under military rule and wanted to insure no future American would suffer such indignity. The constitutional attorney destroyed it, what irony.
    Putin will strike back, and he isn’t blind enough to buy into the war in the Ukraine, he will hit us, and have a lot of help from China and North Korea. This may well end the way of living for all time, and give the bastards an excuse to instate military rule. It could happen any time, perhaps before Summer.
    God help us. Our nation was hijacked, and those of us who realized it were given no avenue of protest. The Internet was too young, and the media was bought off and silent.
    We are finished.
    Thank you for covering this, there is nothing about it on US media. They no longer tell the people anything.
    This is totally evil and insane.
    Putin will strike back.
    The US will lose this game, while many will die and have homes and businesses destroyed.


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