Fukushima ‘Far Worse’ Than Authorities Admit

Report: “It’s a big lie, everybody in Japan knows” — Fukushima “far worse” than authorities admit, they must come clean about what really happened — Forbes Even Getting Suspicious? “Nuclear disaster at Fukushima perhaps the worst of all time” (ENENews, March 5, 2014):

Forbes, Feb. 27, 2014: “The nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan was perhaps the worst of all time.”

Seungkoo Choi, Secretary General of the Reactor Suppliers Lawsuit Plaintiff Team, Feb. 28, 2014: “The contaminated water is swirling all over the world through the Pacific Ocean right now. It is not under control. It is a big lie. Everybody in Japan knows it.”

Stuart H. Smith, Esq., Mar. 3, 2014: [T]ranscribed conversations released through the Freedom of Information Act [show] that even 100 miles from the site of the accident, radiation was 30 times higher than normal expected background levels. […] these findings suggest what many of us have been saying since Day One, which is that the initial accident at Fukushima was far worse than either the Japanese government or Tepco was willing to admit. Authorities in Japan must come clean about what really happened in 2011 […]

See also: Forbes: Biophysicist casts critical light on gov’t assurances that Americans were never at risk from Fukushima fallout — I watched officials attempt to minimize public alarm

1 thought on “Fukushima ‘Far Worse’ Than Authorities Admit”

  1. Of course it is far worse. Even more distressing is the fact nothing exists to stop it. Facing one’s own demise is always difficult, but the extinction of our entire species is the real story…..and few people have the internal fortitude to face such grim truths.
    So, they fill the airwaves with tabloid and false news, anything but the truth. In this so-called information age, it is ironic to note how difficult it is to find true stories.
    The Pacific Ocean is dying. By my calculations, it will be completely dead by the end of 2015.
    We have so many safeguards in our biological world. We have scavenger animals that eat the dead bodies of road kill and sea creatures. They are not eating the sea creatures because they are radioactive, so the bodies just sit and rot on the beaches. Between the garbage from the Fukushima disaster and the dead radioactive creatures, our once magnificent beaches are becoming refuse dumps.
    There are no services remaining to clean up the beaches, so the bodies and the trash just set there, too radioactive for volunteers to clean up safely.
    None of these stories are covered. The stench from the dead creatures will soon be unendurable, and the millions CA used to get from visiting tourists anxious to see our beautiful beaches is vanishing. Since 2001, we have gone from the #3 economy in the WORLD to 12th or so……and it will continue to sink because this place will soon be unlivable.


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