Leuren Moret: Fukushima Radiation Has Made Hawaii And Pacific Islands Unsafe For Humans – Silent Global Nuclear War – We’re Facing Global Extermination (Video)

Don’t eat fish from the ocean. Even before Fukushima all seafood has been totally contaminated.

Don’t fly!


Red Alert: Shocking Plane Radiation On Flight From Chile To The U.S.

Winter Hot Zones (EnviroReporter.com)

Leuren Moret also exposes the global warming/climate change scam.

YouTube Added: Feb 6, 2014



AND then there are … “buckyballs” …

A Radioactive Nightmare … Coming To The U.S.

More articles on the buckyballs nightmare HERE (at EnviroReporter.com):

“… new UC Davis report about uranium-filled “buckyballs” and proof that sea mist carries radiation inland for hundreds of miles …” (Source)

5 thoughts on “Leuren Moret: Fukushima Radiation Has Made Hawaii And Pacific Islands Unsafe For Humans – Silent Global Nuclear War – We’re Facing Global Extermination (Video)”

  1. I got to the part where she said climate change was a fraud….and I could listen no more…….I think the evidence is obvious…….it is the governments who have been hiding it, not creating it. Sorry, she doesn’t get high marks from me.

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      In my opinion they are creating ‘climate change’ with HAARP. They can create droughts, flash floods, stormfronts, tornadoes, massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions and guide hurricanes wherever they want them to make landfall.

      Everything else is pretty much the effect that the sun has on planet earth. We had such warming periods before and there was no industrialization back then.

      Human beings do not and cannot have much effect on the climate, except with technologies like HAARP.

      If you follow the money you’ll find that the banksters will profit the most from our efforts to curb ‘global warming’, when it has been proven that …

      ‘Rises in C02 lag 800 years behind temperature rises. So temperature is leading CO2 by 800 years!’
      – Prof. Ian Clark

      … CO2 cannot be the cause of global warming.

      Even NASA admitted that CO2 is a global coolant and massively cools the earth.

      When MSM agrees on man-made global warming and is always harping on the same string unisono and criminals like Al Gore tour the world, pretending doing so for the planet, then are your alarm bells not ringing?

      At least we have one subject where we can both agree to disagree. 🙂

      Again, thank you for all your valuable comments.

      They are much appreciated.

      Would you like to write an article (on any subject you may like)?

      Infinite Unknown

      As a sidenote: Look at Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, where they’ve cut down huge forests during their long gone glorious past to build and support their empires.

      The climate in these countries changed dramatically because trees hold water and protect & create topsoil.

      The breadbasket of the U.S. will soon look like a desert, because we’ve cut down all the trees and hedges and are losing the topsoil (& the water) at a dramatic rate and are creating a desert.

      We are also killing the topsoil and it’s living organisms with our (toxic) industrial fertilizer. No healthy, vital and living foods can grow on such a soil.

      What we (and Canada) have done is much worse than what they did in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

      Some may blame global warming for this destruction, when all of this (incl. Fukushima) really is not only caused by human stupidity, ignorance and greed, but an agenda to get rid of 6 billion people.

      In 2002 one of Dr. Rima E. Laibow’s patients, a head of state, told her:

      “It’s almost time for the great culling to begin.”

      Dr. Rima E. Laibow’s husband is retired Army General Albert “Bert” Stubblebine who was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984.

  2. In reply to infinite unknown. Yes, I would be happy to write an article for you. Let me know your areas of interest and need, and I would be happy to comply.

    I think we agree on this subject more than not. Man is definitely creating the climate disaster we now suffer under, there is no argument there. Destroying the forests is criminal. The greedy guts fracking for low quality oil products regardless it creates earthquakes and makes water undrinkable is sociopathic……..we agree on a lot.

    Water shortages are going to be just terrible! We live in a horrible corporate oligarchy, fascism has come into it’s own in America.

    But, when I hear folks say it is all a scam to enrich the few at the cost of everyone else, I have to take a step back. I really believe it is important to give credible information that can be checked from more than one other source. Otherwise, people won’t listen. It is difficult to find information about HAARP that is easily verified. Perhaps there are sources I don’t know about, and would be happy to look at them. Look how long it took this government to acknowledge the existence of Area 51.

    I live in northern CA and moved here because we had four seasons a year. Now, it is like a oven every day. I am using the A/C again today, because it is getting too hot and humid. It feels like Virginia in August all year around. Here in Northern CA, we have always enjoyed a dry air climate…..no longer, it is just awful.

    The melting glaciers are exposing methane gas which adds to the humidity and heat……nothing can be done to undo it. It is already too late. I think we are indeed facing our own extinction, lies and denial are a huge cause.

    I know inside of me that the radiation from Japan is part of it, too, but I cannot find any scientist to verify it, regardless it continues to burn at such a high temperature that it takes a human life in seven minutes, and melts a robot in less than two hours. Such poisonous heat must be having effect. Also, the radiation is taking lives every day, but to find scientists who are not in the pay of the oligarchs………that is the problem. We have a government that shuts down people who express truths they don’t like.

    If they really had any power with HAARP, wouldn’t they be doing something besides guaranteeing our own extinction?
    I am sorry to admit I have some greedy guts in my own family, they are dreadfully selfish and greedy, but even they would care what happens to their grandchildren. They have this emphasis on keeping the family line going……. Our extinction wipes that all away. This is something I don’t care to mention much, all they have is their wealth, nothing else of any value, but I do know how they think. Somehow, they missed the lessons about planting two trees for every one you cut down……..metaphorically speaking. I was taught to be grateful, and to give back to society, but these clowns missed that part.

    I have a problem believing all the stories around HAARP because they are difficult to find and credit. When I put any article up, it is because I have found it in more than one place, and it has proper due diligence.


    • @Marilyn,

      You could write about …

      … the destruction of the constitution under Bush & Obama and our ongoing descent into a fascist dictatorship,

      … Fukushima,

      … fracking,

      … or the drought situation in California.

      I would really like you to pick the subject you want to write about.

      At the top or at the bottom of the article we could give readers your PayPal account information, so that they can donate and pay you for your effort.

      Further details we can discuss via email. (When you click on the donate button you’ll find my email address.)

      My favorite article from you in the future would be:

      “How I cured myself from cancer of the spine.”

      I sincerely hope that you can find ways to cure yourself, so that you can live a healthy and very long life without pain.

      And if you want I’ll help you finding a cure for your disease.

      I know people that had metastases all over the place and got cured with alternative medicine.

      My grandfather died from bone cancer. Back then I didn’t know much about cancer. I just came back form studying acupuncture in China, when he was diagnosed with cancer.

      The only ‘medicine’ they gave him was oral morphin (and calcium shots) but his stomach could not take it.

      So I treated him with acupuncture, which alleviated the pain at least as much that he didn’t need to take any morhin, but I am sure he still had a lot of pain.

      Months later the doctor sent him to the hospital and he passed away quickly.

      Now I know a lot more about cancer and maybe I can help you to cure yourself.

      Infinite Unknown

  3. One other point. I used to wonder about the people who talked of depopulation so a few could live comfortably. I always thought biology would take care of that; that nature probably took care of the problem. Historically, entire empires have vanished seemingly overnight…..and for a long time those of us who study history thought it was plague, bad crops, famine, wars……
    But an actual movement to wipe out 75% of the population? I used to just shake my head at such thoughts, but I am beginning to see it is one agenda that makes the insanity of all the inaction on Fukushima make sense……I don’t want to think that, but they could be right.
    There was a time I didn’t believe (could not believe) a president of the US would know about 911 and let it happen. But, over the past few years, seeing all civil rights removed from us due to the 911 excuse….I have to accept he might have known. As much as I despised him, I could not think that of anyone…..now, I think he did know. It was a comment in Clarke’s book made by Cheney or one of his henchmen: “One more 911, and the people will have no voice, we’ll have it all.”
    Depopulation may well be a movement. It would explain a lot of the insane lies around the ongoing Fukushima disaster.
    I never thought I would believe such a thing, but it is one factor that makes sense…….Even worse are the criminals who now rule the US and the world……they are capable of anything. All honor, dignity and credibility has been thrown aside as unnecessary by these creatures.
    Denial is a process, and like peeling an onion, it takes a while to get to the center of the problem. No sane person wants to think such evil about others, but, historically, the potential has always been in our war filled lives.


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