Polish Tanks Mobilized To The Border Of Ukraine

Polish tanks mobilized to the border of Ukraine (Intellihub, March 3, 2014):

POLAND – The conflict in Ukraine begins to expand as countries allied with the European Union are rattling sabers with Russia over control of the struggling country.  It was reported by multiple sources yesterday, that Poland is now involved with the conflict, as they began massing troops and tanks along their border with Ukraine.

Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Sunday it was essential to prevent Russia’s seizure of Crimea expanding into a wider regional conflict.

“We should be able to stop Russia in its aggressive moves precisely in order to avoid a conflict, Tusk told reporters on Sunday after an extraordinary meeting with party leaders.

However, the European Union and western powers are just as guilty of creating conflict as Russia is.

Vladimir Putin has responded to these comments, saying that his fear of “violence from ultra-nationalists” prompted him to make his recent military decisions.

“This is the red alert, this is not a threat, this is actually a declaration of war to my country,’’ Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told reporters in English, a day after Russia’s parliament approved the deployment of troops to Ukraine.

“If President Putin wants to be the president who started a war between two neighboring and friendly countries, between Ukraine and Russia, he has reached his target within a few inches. We are on the brink of the disaster.” he added.

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