Britain Summons Russian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador To US May Be Recalled

Britain Summons Russian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador To US May Be Recalled (ZeroHedge, Mar 1, 2014):

While various organizations are scrambling to meet on short notice, or not so short if one is a European finance minister, the diplomatic fallout has begun with the summoning of the Russian Ambassador in Great Britain to the foreign office.


This was to be expected. More interest will be whether Russia will “summon” its ambassador to the US as the upper house of parliament has demanded of Putin:

Russia’s upper house of parliament will ask President Vladimir Putin to recall Moscow’s ambassador from the United States, the chamber’s speaker said on Saturday.

Valentina Matviyenko, the head of the Federation Council, asked the Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs to draw up a proposal setting out the demands to Putin.

Now all eyes are focused on the White House. Or perhaps that should say on the nearby golf courses?

1 thought on “Britain Summons Russian Ambassador; Russian Ambassador To US May Be Recalled”

  1. Any American representation will not be missed……the US has become the world bully, and is seen around the world as a rogue nation. We have criminals in control of this country, and even American citizens are becoming aware of it.
    The US is sliding downhill at a rapid rate. All the building, all the hard work of two hundred years has been torn down by the Bush and Obama administrations. You cannot force people to side with you when your reputation and status is destroyed.
    We have fool criminals in power. We have lost the respect of the world. Go home is probably how the people of the Ukraine and Russia feel about American presence in their countries. All the US does is de-stabilize every country that has anything they might want. We have gone from statesmen to pirates……..and nobody likes pirates. The US has shown a heavy handed and amoral attitude towards their own people, and other countries around the world…..nobody likes or respects the American presence any longer. We are no longer trusted or respected.
    The American nation is the key to the Great Experiment of the 18th century Enlightenment, and it has been a total failure. People cannot rule themselves, they are too lazy and self immersed to pay attention or care. As a result, the crooks and criminals get into power and steal everything that isn’t nailed down.
    America is a shell of its former greatness, nothing more.


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